Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Goodnight, with Clock

Goodnight, with Clock

White moonflower,
grapefruit and dust
scent the cast-off shirt-tails 
of my sleepless love.
Mauve wallflower
jasper and rust
open up the dusk,
confound the cognoscenti,

quiet the caustic clowns,
bring the blessed bedsprings
and the holy grandfather clock
so the kissing ceremony 

of  goodnight
can begin.

~April 2013

It's the last day of April, and this poem is a fond farewell to National Poetry Month, among other things. Many thanks to all of you who have played along this year, and those who have helped keep my spirits up and nose firmly down on the grindstone with your visits and/or your own stellar offerings. You know who you are! All I can say is, it's been real and it's been fun but...

Thank the old gods and the new it's finally over!!

Image: Clock with Blue Wing,  by Marc Chagall, 1949
All copyright belongs to the copyright holders.


  1. What a lovely good bye and good night. Congratulations on your month of verse!

  2. A splendid way to end. Great image and a fine verse.

  3. haha...good job....did not make it this year...oh well...smiles...i rather like the kissing ceremony of goodnight...i will only use the clock to measure rhythm not time...as it could take quite a while, i'd rather take my time...lol...like the scents and textures through the first part hedge...

  4. Thank the old gods and the new.. (Game of Thronesisms are cool with me!)

    I love the idea of winding down before sleep that your poem conveys, and the loving goodnight kiss at the end.

  5. Yes those cognoscenti (ha) must be confounded (have just read the Lorca quote on your sidebar; fits nicely here). Wonderful to read, and imagine. Thank you.

  6. oh my, i think i just fell in love with a poem... the music in this is just wonderful.

    woohoo! we did it!

  7. Ha. Rest up! You have confounded the cognoscenti with your creativity! Great job. k.

  8. Utterly charming. A feast for all the senses, hedgewitch. Makes me long for slumber...

  9. Poem of poems- 14 lyrical, light lines. A Good night and a beginning. I love (the idea of) Kissing Ceremonies. Your fist stanza is spectacular, and the rest calls my senses. I really enjoy your whole blog, with its thorough sidebar.
    Thank you for your comments on my Bee poem. A fellow gardener, I have a love-love relationship with bees.
    We may slow the writing a bit, but the bees are just warming up.

  10. I was thinking of you and this poem this morning---clock strikes - pumpkin time! k.

    1. Thanks k--my brain definitely feels pumpkin like--or some kind of vegetable, anyway. Notice you yanked your last piece? Hope all is well.

  11. A wonderful poem, I love it !

  12. The longed for time of sleep- good night. (I loved this as I love Good Night Moon.)

  13. Fabulous closing poem, Joy Ann. Good night moon, love that. I laughed at your closing remark, thank the old Gods and the new. Thanks for reading me during the month, it means a lot to me. I did manage to get you on my blogroll, and I am not even sure how I did it, ha!


  14. What a beautiful poem and painting. Very fitting close to a month of very stellar writing, kiddo!

  15. Thanks everyone. Your company on the long strange trip was much appreciated.

  16. This is almost--dare I say it?--sweet. And I love the title, like those "still life with fruit" (or whatever) paintings.

    You are a mighty Viking chick to have stayed with it all month, and my wide-brimmed feathered Spring hat is off to you. I could not have done it.


'Poetry is an echo asking a shadow to dance' ~Carl Sandburg