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Antidote to evil
is the peace in sleep that comes
when all hope of it is gone.

That resolution of night into light,
the bawdy eye of a grackle
in its ungainly dull body glittering

The acquiescence to destruction
that makes impermanence eternal.
Life many formed and changeful
commands resistance, liquid and elemental,
saying the yes now that will later be no.

You like a burning under the moon,
freezing the sun,
a bonfire burned down
to the banked coals of life,
glowing with the fitful cool of death.
Servant tool or instrument of neither.
Only the twinned image of a dual contradiction.

September 1988, Revised November 2010

Posted for One Shot Wednesday at the inimitable One Stop Poetry

Image by Dean Bertoncelj 
 All Rights Reserved


  1. This is another poem that I "wish I could have written".

    But I can't because it is way beyond me for now.

    The beauty and profound 'voice' in this one poem is masterful. It was like a spell cast upon this reader and I fell under it fast. Immediately.

    Amazingly beautiful...but I have come in this short expect this from you.

    Thank you for something that was like a nautilus shell....spiraling inward, making a difference in the deliverance of a good poem.

    Lady Nyo

  2. An enchanting poem of the Gemini. Nicely penned.


  3. This is very nice. I think it's awesome that it was written in 88 and you revised it recently. I've only just started revising poems and it's good to know that something I might not love from the past could become something as wonderful as this!

  4. lovely piece! many great lines in here but this one in particular stands out to me,

    The acquiescence to destruction
    That makes impermanence eternal.

    thank you

    thanks for the visit and comment

    take care

  5. wow. love that whole last much emotion without saying it...

  6. And this is why I come to you for problem solving. Like magic you let one image liquify and flow into another seamlessly. Keeping the thought throughout but exploring novel ways to say it. Well done, my friend.

  7. wow - this was powerful - esp. the last stanza and i loved the very last line
    ..Only the twinned image of a dual contradiction..strong ending, very strong ending

  8. It's the first stanza that got to me. Brilliant.

  9. I'm Gemini sun and moon, so you know I like this. Except if I don't, lol. ;-)

    That accompanying picture is stellar.

  10. The lines "The bawdy eye of a grackle/ In its ungainly dull body" stand out, from the rest of the poem's language. I'd encourage you to go for such imagery; it can make the meaning come alive.

  11. great capture of the Gemini [& no im not one, LoL] that pix rocks!!

  12. My oldest son is a gemini...and the duality is amazing - as is your poem, hedgewitch.

    "Saying the yes now that will later be no." - this was such a great line (it also reminded me of Libra - of which I am one)

  13. Ah,Talon, I feel for you, but it's good you're both airy. As an earthbound capricorn, I can only watch and wonder. ;)

    @FB Should have known, person with two seperate and totally different blog identities.

    Many sincere thanks all. You know I appreciate your thoughts and words.

    Sidenote Re: the image--I too found the picture striking. The artist is from Zagreb Croatia, and was a war photographer and now works for all kinds of magazines. He seems to like fantasy subjects, but also does fashion photography. It's just amazing the talent that's out

  14. there. the talent that's out THERE. grrr

  15. The acquiescence to destruction
    That makes impermanence eternal.
    Life many formed and changeful
    Commands resistance, liquid and elemental,
    Saying the yes now that will later be no.

    This poem is powerful and I had to (was priviledged to) read it several times for it to sink in.

    The "Saying the yes now that will later be no."
    line hit me because I am a bipolar gemini so I have to deal with an internal argument concerning which way to in 'yes, no, maybe, whatever...'

    You give me hope... :-)

    Also, thanks so much for visiting my site again this week. You are an inspiration and I am always happy to see that you have stopped by...

    Hope your Thanksgiving is filled with good friends and family, lots of food and a heart filled with thanks for all we have been given. Throw in some football too if you so choose. I'm enjoying your work and count you as one of my blessings!

  16. oh dear....guess what my friend...yep I am The Gemini.....and there was you tweeting me last night LOL....seriously though a really well written piece...and to mirror what everyone else has said the end was knockout...cheers my friend Pete

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  18. yeesh--my fingers are cursed for this entry! trying again:
    @pete--thanks mate--a lot of creative people seem to be favored by the sign of the Twins. Glad you liked it, and amazed you had time to read it with 120-some entries.

    @tolbert, it's not easy being a dual contradiction, but out of that identity you give back much to the world with your work, something for which I'm also grateful to have come across. May you also have a day of peace, plenty and seasonal conviviality. :)

  19. A daul contradiction.. I enjoyed your words and thoughts in the verse...

    'You like a burning under the moon,
    Freezing the sun,'

    Very beautiful...
    Thanks for sharing..

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

  20. Great word choices, storyline-concept. Uber-effective work.


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats

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