Thursday, March 24, 2011

Friday Flash 55 ~ Cult



The cult bought the old Rickert place
and moved in down the road.

They cut down the scrub oak and all
the snowghost sandplums,
brought crawling earth movers with crocodile feet
smashed things flat and built three religion boxes.

Then they planted
baby trees. 

They died last summer.

I doubt they’re doing any better

March 2011

Posted for Friday Flash 55 at the G-man's

Image: US Navy Military Grader, courtesy wikimedia commons


  1. Geez Hedgewitch....
    A real 'Feel-Good Fifty-Five' this week eh?
    Hahahahaha Thats OK, I Like em ALL!!
    Yours was Fantastic and dark!
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End!

  2. Hi it's me again, it seems that I forgot my....


    Thank you very much......G

  3. Any time. Just enact your strange rituals here whenever....and dark? hey, try living next door to them, then we'll talk.

  4. Religion is so strange. I don't trust it at all.

  5. i hear the koolaid is good...and by now they are in the wake of the comet...smiles...

  6. I never understand the cutting trees down.

    Nor religion boxes that keep people inside.


    I bet you'll have more tales to tell on this.


  7. baby don't fear the earth mover.

    er, reaper.

    blue oyster cult.

    nebber mind!

  8. Hmmm. I firmly believe that TOO much of ANYTHING is too much. But maybe that's just me...

  9. Beauty is removed, new life flattened
    And people put in a box
    Nice 55

  10. That was a punch to the gut. There are at least a half-dozen poems in it; so many ways to read it. A cult can be so many things...

  11. Ha! Sounds like the church-goin' family with 2.5 kids and beemers who built the McMansion and moved-in down the road. I don't trust 'em.

  12. We


    Peace, hp

  13. It is such a fascinating thing how a cult leader can "recruit" people, control them, take advantage of them and somehow make them feel as though they're part of a family. And now I'm wondering how else it's similar to the corporate culture...

  14. As you know, I disparage tiny verse corsets -- what can you say in so little space -- but you show here how much power can pump into one fist. The big news was the razoring of a landscape to build "three religion boxes." The bigger news, somehow, is "I doubt they're doing any better/inside," which suggests that religion -- these cultists, anyway -- builds little coffins for eternity and then shuts the real world out (after cutting it down). Little claustrophobic insides of Heaven to prophylactic against fallen Gaia. You feel sorry for 'em. -- Brendan

  15. Nothing can grow where it ain't truly loved!
    just sayin'...

  16. Send 'em here. We have slums enough for any and all to do what they want, knock down what they want, plant what won't grow and worship whatever god they got on their soul staining it.

  17. Thanks all. This is an internet cult, massively rich, and they do intimidate and frighten me with the scope of their enterprise, out here in the sticks where few in RL actually see them.

    And yes, there are so many kinds of cults, many of them having nothing to do with what we normally think of as religion, that it's easy to use this as a metaphor.

  18. Creepy...and has the ring of truth, hedgewitch...

  19. do they all have their nike sneakers?

  20. oh shit! i had such hope for the cult. truly. i'm saddened. perhaps they shouldn't have started with boxes. they should barely have gotten to the planting.

    wonderfully succinct. it walloped me.

    (hi you. i've been learning of you through brendan's)


  21. @erin-- thank you and glad you liked. Love your work--read it every day and it seldom fails to amaze me, (also via Brendan's.)

    @lime I think it's Florsheim's, actually.

  22. @Brendan Forgot to slide in that you perfectly got exactly what I was driving at. (And verse corsets fit some better than others, especially those that are trying to keep from over-jiggling.)

  23. Not the kind of place I would want to be.

    - Alice

  24. My second favorite 55 offering in this set - the other is from Stranger, Just Like Heaven.

    Wish I'd written this, one of the highest/sincerest praises I can offer.


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats

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