Friday, April 22, 2011

Yellow Moon

Yellow Moon

Yellow Moon

If I could write the moon tonight
I’d write it full and round where it rides so near
 a circled teardrop of sunny ink 
to carry on black sky paper, my own balloon
of yellow, a whisper from a friend in a noisy room,
a school of chambered magic 
for those who do not sleep,
teaching the one who drank the blue rain
from yesterday’s boot
 that not only the sun drops golden light,
not only boats sail, beans sprout, but
old worms turn, old sorrows burn, sour can be sweet 
enough to eat, 
and lead an old woman's feet 
from here where there is no sound
to a green dance and music by a pool of dreams.

April 2011

Posted for Friday Poetically at the inimitable OneStopPoetry

(The exercise was to write a poem using a list of words taken from Shel Silverstein's  child's poem, One Inch Tall )

Image: Yellow Moon, by Martin Cathrae, posted on flick'r
Martin Cathrae's photostream


  1. SO beautiful, especially the "green dance and music by a pool of dreams. How lovely.

  2. Wonderful and wonderment as always my dear. You did wonders from those words listed. I was going to quote Silverstein as well for Monday form which I am posting. He's always amazing but not as amazing as you are. You make my heart sing with your talent and your finished work!

  3. Wow! I love it. I didnt know we could put in extra words though.

  4. @ b: Thanks and glad you liked it. I went with the line that said "Choose as many words below as you would like to create your own poem." I didn't catch it if it was stated that those were the only words. Sorry if I bent the rules--apparently I have an authority problem. Brian will no doubt straighten me out later. ;-)

    Thanks Gay and Sherry, for your kind words. Always glad to see you take the time to stop by and read.

  5. you totally slaughtered me hedge...i write unintelligible drivel in comparison...hehe, but it was fun....dancing by the pool of dreams is nice....sour can be sweet enough to eat...i like

  6. Reading this gentle piece today is like heart balm for me.

  7. love it! what a fun challenge.

  8. You softie you.....
    Very nice JA.....

  9. Just beautiful, this is just great "a school of chambered magic for those who do not sleep," Thanks for stopping by, the girls really liked the comments.

  10. "teaching the one who drank the blue rain
    from yesterday’s boot" Yum. Seriously, great lines. Lovely ode.

  11. And write it well you would as you dance ...

  12. You, with the authority problem, beating the Beatidudes of Poetry at their own game. ... Thanks for the charm, the balm, the physic of moonlight which is not bonelight -- not always -- but also, too, is god, is good. The pool is sacred - scary for sure, sometimes -- but also rich with everything we've yet to sing. "Yellow" moon in the title for me had a sickly connotation -- sere, old, corrupt -- I know you use it as a lead for transformation (every line heals), but maybe "Gold" moon might be a surer buckle for the title. (I allow you perfection, then Everest doesn't exist, is breechable, would never give me reason to write another poem.) As surely there is death and life is there life in death. Thanks for the lunar alka seltzer, pure effervescent gold - Brendan

  13. amazing what you've done with those words joy the..teaching the one who drank the blue rain... nice - want to drink some blue rain myself now...smiles

  14. Like it. I like the night time and get along with the day, I may have used music instead of magic. *shrug* same iambic

  15. Thanks, all. This was a really wonderful prompt to write to. So glad you all have stopped by to read and comment.

    @Brendan & twm: the words were part of a list and were used to follow the prompt--hence 'magic' and 'yellow' I don't have a bad connotation with 'yellow' for the moon,though-- it's a rather childlike one of nursery rhymes and cheese to me, and also hangs in my head from that line from King Harvest by the Band

    "scarecrows,a yellow moon/pretty soon a carnival on the edge of town...King Harvest has surely come"
    Thanks as always for input and feedback.

  16. This moon piece is so delicately beautiful! I love it!

  17. I thought I commented of this, but a smile for the return, and to make my imprint of how beautiful this is; cast in text ;) ~ hugs & peace to you ~April =)


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats