Thursday, May 26, 2011

Friday Flash 55 ~ Tangle

Barbed wire - - 621582


I started weaving
barbed wire,
eyes busy not looking
at the burned dead
drying in the sun.

Where are my
black gloves to wear
for gathering the bones?

I'm wound 
in a white lace dress,
torn and tight
as the moon on her spindle,

nothing but the last 
untangling cobweb
across the opening gate.

 May 2011

Posted for   Friday Flash 55  at the G-Man's

Image: Barbed Wire, by Kenneth Allen, 2007
captioned: "Some times the sheep try to get through"
via wikimedia commons 


  1. well you certainly are a bit creepy tonight...weaving barb wire in you shredded wedding gown...and a moon no less...burning the bodies...yes make sure you rake the ash for the bones, those CSIs are far too clever these days...bwhahaha...

    i am never going to get to sleep tonight....

  2. Dark Dark Dark Dark Dark!!!
    Somebody light a Votive Candle and say 10 Hail Mary's!!
    Loved your 55 JA...
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End!

  3. Dark, indeed. But, so gorgeous!

  4. oh cheer up fer gooness sake! ;-)

    i like the black gloves.

  5. Tightly woven and starkly wonderful!

  6. We all have a dark side, nice to see yours is so poetic!

  7. Now there is dark - I like it
    just your style

    My horse used to do that with barbed wire...

    Happy Weekend

  8. Almost reminds me of something Emily Dickinson might write.
    That's a compliment. :)

    Thanks for another Friday 55!
    Mine's here. :)

  9. Love how vivid each stanza is. Hard to believe all that's said in 55.

  10. Another intriguing and intelligent piece, full of dark imagery and wonderful economy of language.
    "I started weaving
    barbed wire,"
    I love this opening. Perhaps one can only be described as truly accomplished, when one can juggle with barbed wire. ;-)

  11. Gotta keep an eye on them spiders while you work for they will weave while you look for gloves to pick up their litter.

  12. Love and death: whaddayagonnado?, as the boys at Sopranos Corp. used to say. And this marriage to the land and another and its enclosures: no getting away from the wetwork (those drying, snarled bones). But then, the gauzy connection between wedding dress and cobweb are importantly there at the gate, a freedom which might actually come from enclosure, at least is defined by it, very probably sustained by it. Good dig. - Brendan

  13. If all you can do is fix barb wire- I have had to.
    rescued several horses from it... had them stitched. Do not dream on it, dwell anywhere near it- Thanks.

  14. Love the imagery, hedgewitch. Powerful and sharp - like the barbed wire.

  15. Love the intensity you packed in just 55 words!

  16. Thanks all for stopping by on a busy weekend. Hope everyone has a safe and happy Memorial Day.

  17. Wow, wonderful creepy images in this.

  18. "as the moon on her spindle" ...what a great line. Your poem made me think of a song (can't recall) where he speaks of his heart being wrapped in constantine wire...tangle captures that feel, nice 55. (btw- listened to the song in last post, forgot about that one, thanks!)

  19. Joy Ann, dark, but perfectly put together. I think I wore that wedding dress in my first marriage.


  20. Lookeeeee! I got firefox and now i can play again!

  21. sad, haunting imagery.
    beautiful job.
    love the chilling feel of your words. readers need that.

  22. this is indeed a bit creepy - weaving barb wire and wearing black gloves and a white lace dress...i loved the image with the lace dress and the cob webs..

  23. Creepily dark. But that grows into me...I like it...

    jingling chains


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats

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