Thursday, July 7, 2011

Friday Flash 55 ~ Sunset Dream

Sunset Dream

sky’s  a card file of
3 x 5’s color-coded
red, orange, yellowgreen
in the end times;

The Queen of Fried Tomatoes
and the Sleight of Hand Man
fall out of the tipping boat;

Lincoln walks the floor,
night before Ford's Theater,
pregnant with his own murder
just staring at me
as I wake.

July 2011

Process Note: I don't order these dreams, I just have them.

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  1. hehe...i could do a little interpretation...were these after Dr Shay gave you the prescription yesterday? smiles.

    the Lincoln part is the freakiest to me...

  2. I send you a case of Sleepytime herb tea?

  3. If there were fried green tomatoes, it can't be all bad.

  4. After listening intently for about 5 minutes, the Psychiatrist closes his eyes, and thinks...
    (Yep, case study, screenplay, movie deal!!)
    Thanks Joy, have a Kick Ass Week-End

  5. I love the idea of the Queen of Fried Tomatoes. Gorgeous photo.

    I'm here this week.

  6. Love this -- This is as poignant & weird as the movie plot for "Fried Green Tomatoes" especially at the end of the story,


  7. Who are these people, walking all night beneath the floorboards of the Hedgewitch verse escape? There's no way to dig down into her poems without encountering them; there's no way to shut them up once their ruddy mouths pop open and commence satirizing in the dark. But without this ghastly peanut gallery's inchoate commotion Down Under, why strain to stretch a poem prophylactically around the complicate amassing eruptive charmonies? Doom wears such florid red robes (black is outre, you know) as he strides from dream-house to dream-house ... His scythe is brilliant when Hedgewitch smiles to hear the old ones laugh ... I mean, uh, neat poem. Brendan

  8. Certainly is bizarre! I think that dream would give me nightmares!

  9. Thanks all--I realize the entire Jungian/Freudian and whatever-ian community would have a field day with my disturbed subconscious, but after reading this a few times--all phrases that came out of a dream--I think the Queen of Fried Tomatoes is perhaps someone I identify myself with, the Sleight of Hand Man of course comes from my iconic hero, Wallace Stevens, and the Lincoln metaphor seems to me to bespeak the state of our polity, pregnant with its own murder as we are actually listening to politicians advocate America defaulting on all its financial obligations, i.e., not paying it's bills like some irresponsible teenager, over ideology run amok, among other craziness like three wars and a dying middle-class.

    And I'm sure Casey Anthony is in there somewhere, playing with her hair and signing a multi-million dollar book/reality TV deal on color coded 3 x5's.

    Or it could be I'm just nuts. ;-)

  10. Wow, wish I could dream like that - my dreams are somewhat like this: I am babysitting three sets of infant twins at the same time, while trying to bake a hundred pies, the cat is giving birth to kittens in a corner and I wake up more tired than I went to sleep:)!!

  11. Sherry, I think it's a trade-off. Maybe we both need a few minutes before bed with Fireblossom's Sleepytime tea.

  12. A beaut of a dream. *sigh* I used to have crazy screwy dreams like this, but they are few and far now because I don't sleep soundly. I especially love the Lincoln bit (wonder if Anthony is in that one...cold blooded murder and all).
    Bizarre, but most brilliant 55 ~
    (I'm inspired to dream & fashion a poem....great idea!)

  13. Eerie, effective, wonderfully disturbing.

  14. I agree with Steve.. that was quite well written. And loved the choice of image..! Stunning angle of the sunset..

  15. You make me wish I could remember my dreams.

    I think.



"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats

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