Thursday, September 15, 2011


Aeolian cerebrations*

Somewhere out
in the far field
a pissed-off
cow makes her sound
buzzsaw mating a freight train.

I've lived my life
asking what’s next;
now I stand
by the opening dirt
and know.

Still the cool breeze comes
living on the air, to
swirl embrace instigate
couplings of leaves
the waiting seeds.

September 2011

Posted for   Friday Flash 55  at  the G-Man's
*added for the titillation of the grey matter of said connoisseur of 55's


  1. couplings of leaves scatter…
    nicely done poetry, love it!

  2. Hey, those are autumn leaves, aren't they? Here's to a fine cool breeze's certainties -- come what may -- as the Old Ones snort, "Same Shit, Diff'rent Day." Enjoy - Brendan

  3. if you know the secret of life you really should share....just saying....loving the autumn air and leaves...i miss trains...and even cows...

  4. The third stanza closes this perfectly
    Words in rhthym
    Still... Swirl... Scattered
    And the answer?

  5. Thanks all--I like the cows a lot.

    @DD: Got me. Fun to watch it all, though.

    @B: Had to add the song after your comment.

  6. Um, I can see the leaves you swirl.

    And hear that pissed-off cow. Poor thing.

    Loved this!


  7. I think that there are not nearly enough big words in this. G Man will be expecting them. How about "preponderate"? Do you think you could work in "preponderate"? How about "quoin" or "couturier"?

    Apart from that, I love this poem. It's both scary and zen to start seeing one's self as transitory.

    PS--I am laffin my butt off at the Grandpa Ott thing on the sidebar. :-D

  8. @FB--I was wondering if you'd catch the sidebar thing.. and yes, I've been most remiss. I must add something toothsome in the polysyllabic department for our G-Man...hmm- maybe a subtitle?

  9. Ya know Shay and Joy...
    Is it your lot in this corporal existence to tease and conspire against an old man?
    Does it tickle your fancies?
    I'll be your Huckleberry, perhaps I was born for youz Guys's amusement.
    Thank You for playing so beautifully and simply today Mistress Hedgewitch, have a Kick Ass Week-End

  10. @Galen: You pegged our job descriptions perfectly. And you are the ultimate Vaccinium parvifolium, my friend. May your weekend also kick the posterior like an army mule.

  11. A mad cow is no laughing matter. I saw a video the other day of a cow beating up a bear! Nice photo.. Are those your leaves? We don't have many hear yet. I love the last stanza.

  12. No, I borrowed the leaves from the person credited at the bottom of the post. We're not there yet either, but it's a freakishly cool day today--55 after two days ago being 102, so it got my fall feelings cranking.

  13. Must say I was surprised at the cow. I'm usually the only one with farm animals in my 55! it really is about that time for those beautiful swirling leaves.

  14. I enjoyed this.. I like to know what is next too... but sometimes things come along and changes our course.

    I like to take those waiting seeds and hurl them up in the sky ~

    Hope all is well~

  15. All is well, Heaven. Just getting old. ;_) Thanks for asking, and for reading.

  16. i live in Arizona, land of desert landscaping, palm trees and cacti. what are these things called 'leaves'?

    really lovely, Joy! ♥ dani

  17. Mad as in mad ? OR MAD crazy- the pit of my stomach says soon-to-be-dead-cow,as you had open earth with dead leaves and (dry) seeds- yikes.
    Hope somebody went to get the gun...

  18. One of the best jazz standards, I love it. And I love autumn. That is freakishly cold for you! It is like that here too suddenly.

    now I stand
    by the opening dirt
    and know.

    That is perfect, and that is yes. I say it is very good to grow older, in lots of ways. Good smiles and lightness here.

  19. This is lovely. It speaks of acceptance of what is and not what might be.
    Lovely 55

  20. Thanks everyone. Hope to do some more reading later.

    @Ruth: Yeah, everything concerned with the weather tends to be freakish for us here. It's fairly common to have as much as a 70 degree shift in temps (a few times a year) of the reasons why gardening is so challenging--we don't just have one extreme for plants to deal with, we have *every* extreme--sometimes in the same week. ;_) Thanks for reading and glad you enjoyed the music.

  21. beautiful insights...
    enjoyed the way you make it.

  22. You always amaze me with your 55s. This one is especially lovely when you play Krall while reading; never heard that one, so thank you ~

  23. What a rich experience it always is to visit your blog. And this post? Oh my, as sad-rush heavenly as autumn itself.

  24. Awesome!
    Autumn's in the air.. sigh

    hugs xo


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats

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