Thursday, September 8, 2011

Friday Flash 55 ~ Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive Dissonance:
noun, Psychology.
anxiety that results from simultaneously holding contradictory or otherwise incompatible attitudes,

I don't know how many other people were bored or desperate enough to watch the Republican Debate last night, but the words above are the only ones that come to mind to describe the proposals I was hearing. I've taken an excerpt from the debate transcript and highlighted my 55 words--stranger than any fiction, and I include the others so they make sense--I hope you know I have edited them like crazy to get two simple statements from a politician in only 55 words. Anyway, the two statements offered illustrate the term above, in my opinion, about as perfectly as possible. 

Note: No offense to any sane people who may hold different views than my own is intended.

The words in bold are my 55.

Posted for  Friday Flash 55  at the G-Man's

Taken directly from the transcript of the Republican Debate at the Reagan Library, September 8, 2011

MODERATOR: Governor Perry, you clearly don't like the Massachusetts [health care]plan as an example for other states, but Massachusetts has nearly universal health insurance. It's first in the country. In Texas, about a quarter of the people don't have health insurance. That's 50 out of 50, dead last. Sir, it's pretty hard to defend dead last

PERRY: Well, I'll tell you what the people in the state of Texas don't want: They don't want a health care plan like what Governor Romney put in place in Massachusetts...What they would like to see is the federal government get out of their business.....My wife is a nurse. And I'll promise you, we understand that if we can get the federal government out of our business in the states when it comes to health care, we'll come up with ways to deliver more health care to more people cheaper...


MODERATOR:Governor, I'd like to ask you, border state governor, what specifically, in your mind, would make the border secure?

PERRY:  Well, the first thing you need to do is have boots on the ground. We've had a request in to this administration ..since June -- or January of 2009 for 1,000 border patrol agents..or National Guard troops, and working towards 3,000 border patrol. That's just on the Texas border.
There's another 50 percent more for the entire Mexican border. So you can secure the border, but it requires a commitment of the federal government of putting those boots on the ground, the aviation assets in the air. We think predator drones could be flown, that real-time information coming down to the local and the state and the federal law enforcement. And you can secure the border.

As Governor of Texas, Rick Perry has:

  • Said Texas should have the right to secede from the Union if the federal government became "too intrusive." 
  • Accepted or requested, like most governors, federal funds to the tune of one third of his state budget
  • Accepted or requested additional funds under the decried 2009 stimulus bill of $12 billion dollars.
  • Proposed $34 million in cuts in his state budget for wildfire fighting this year while decrying not receiving enough federal disaster aid for recent wildfires there, despite 25 FEMA disaster grants.
  • I could go on, but my head hurts.

Are we getting the theme song here? Same as the one from the Tea Party town hall debates on health care: "Get your Socialist Government Hands off my Medicare!" We want the federal government OUT OF OUR BIDNESS except when we want them to take care of our bidness.

Okay, off my soap box, and sorry to inject the ugly subject of politics into the friday funfest, but honestly, i just didn't have anything else tonight.

NOTE: All of the information I've stated here obtained through google, keyword 'rick perry'.


  1. haha...i wrote my version and have it planned for the weekend...eerily similar impressions we get...crazy stuff....oh i smell some fiesty political poems coming...

    on the other hand, i actually wrote a form poem...just another sign that the world is definitely coming to an end...

    i probably should have tributed it to shay, just for kicks and giggles...not for the subject but because of her love of form...

    anyway, i am unsure what to prescribe for political hangover...nothing that tastes good that is for sure...

    ok, think i have said enough for tonight...have a good one hedge...

  2. Hedge...
    Do I seem like a Right Winger?
    Why would I condone such Omniscient Bravado?
    These guys are opportunists, Nothing More!
    They finger point and ridicule, and don't have a fucking plan for saving this country!
    Politics gives me Heartburn...

    Loved your 55 BTW.
    Thanks for your opinion, I Love it!!
    Thanks for playing, You Rock It Earth Child...
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  3. Hey guys thanks for reading.

    @G-Man: I am extremely impressed with your vocabulary. Omniscient Bravado--weren't they a Hair Band? I knew I wouldn't be gettin your knickers in a twist my friend.

    @Brian--I must head directly your way and check out your first ever form poem. I will not spill the beans to Fireblossom on your treachery. And Mama Zen has been writing haikus. No wonder she(FB) struggles with depression and strange uncontrollable desires to watch old episodes of Green Acres these days.

    Everyone else, I will make the rounds tomorrow--it's been a long old day here.

  4. I'm going back into my shed to hide...

  5. I think anyone who wants to go into politics should be locked up because they're clearly insane. Anyone who wants to run for office should be automatically disallowed.

  6. Democrats are from Venus, Republicans from Uranus. Washington Republicans spout the most self-serving, nihilsitic, anti-democratic, up-the-corporate wazoo, porcine capitalist do-nothing-but-scorch- washington rhetoric I've ever heard. Citizens and stooges of the Once Percent. Guess how many Congressional Republicans will leap to the task of passing Obama's Jobs Act. One, two? Nah. And Perry, what a piece of work. A teabagger's champ, riding Medicare and Galileo out of Texas on a rail. Grrrrrrrrrrrr. -B

  7. As I said before, your politics are very entertaining. The Rep candidates are kicking themselves if they can fool the public.

    Anyway, I wanted to thank you for hosting OLN last Tues - great work in making the rounds.

    Happy day ~

  8. Hahahahahahahahahahahaahah that was the best debate report I have read and will read. They have all, including Obama. stuck themselves in an intellectual corner and can't seem to realize that if they turn around the room opens up to more than just that corner.

  9. Example of oxymoron: Clever Politician.
    You can always hope that the Loony Tea Party Republicans will split the right wing vote and so return Mr.Obama. His $450 billion Jobs program will cost every American about $1450. But ahh . . the $450 billion is probably not real money. See, See . . I could be a politician!

  10. Perry doesn't want federal government intervention, but he wants their troops at his border with Mexico. What a genius.

  11. Checking in from the still-scorched lands of Youbetchastan, here...

    A resounding hell, YEAH. That's all I've got.

  12. politics are all cunning and funny.
    simply laugh when they act like that.
    I guess it is part of election.

  13. i think i threw up in my mouth...

    sorry, Joy, i couldn't stand to read it all {let alone actually watch the debate.}


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats

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