Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Flash 55 ~ Plastic Mystery

photos © Herb Ritts

Plastic Fabtastic Mystery

It’s a mystery.
Our species selects
only for beauty:
girls with big boobs,
tight asses,
non-bald men with hair
on their chests
and a rocky jawline;
do they have better babies?
Do they give better sex,
or do they just better display
all the plastic treasures
I saw in the rhinestones
of your eyes?

September 2011

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Image: courtesy the daily beast


  1. Ha! Sounds to my like you opened up that mystery and the answer is NO! They probably have better sex than the "beautiful people" because they aren't so focussed on themselves! ;)

  2. A book with a finely illustrated cover can still be an empty, boring read. You write truth.

  3. no i can guarantee you ugly people have better sex...hahaha...yes its a plastic world...and window shopping all the rage..

    ok, leaving now....

  4. If looks were a criteria of having Cost-Free sex, I'd still be a virgin. Thank God some chicks can't see very well!
    Loved your inquisitive 55 Joy.
    You Rock Sistah!
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End
    (Now put your glasses back on)

  5. Don't judge a book by its cover, as they say.

  6. I have a hairy chest so who am I to judge? Great FFF55!

  7. I like the comment Ann Carson the poet once made in her wonderful book on the evolution of writing and love poetry in the 6th century BC, Eros The Bittersweet: What we care most and all and only about is seeing the reflection of Eros in our beloved's rapturous eye -- and the more beautiful beholder, well then hell, the more bee-you-tee-ful I am. It's all about me, you know: vanities of beauty are really just narcissism writ large. Maybe it's that binocular brain of mine: your big boobies, my crosseyed sate; my chiseled pecs, your impregnable nest. (I'm speaking in the cultural vernacular here; I make no attempt to snekeypeek beyond your monitor screen ... and these pecs are chiseled outta pink Jello ...) - Brendan

  8. You all are good sports for playing along with me here in this little ditty my poor fogged brain dished up this morning--(due to a dog-rasseling incident at the vets, I am nursing a sore back, and the muscle relaxants wreak havoc on my cognitive abilities.)Thanks all for reading.

    @G-Man: hey we were a beautiful babies. We are not responsible for what happened next.

    @B: Jello is preferable to concrete--I find the guy up top with the GI Joe body a bit daunting myself; being slapped up against that much sharply chiseled muscle could be painful. Yes, the mating ritual is fraught with vanity; the other as reflection and trophy and all that objectifying nonsense seems built into our wiring. I was actually reading about lions when I thought this up--the females pick for mane size-(!) and to a lesser extent, color(they like luxuriant dark locks)-when a large mane is actually more prone to produce heat stroke and exhaustion in the male lion. Seems a bit counterproductive to me, but what do I know? It's a mystery wrapped in a bikini inside a thong.

  9. oOo, a neat little jab at the end! Meerowww.

  10. Your plastic mystery converts even the rhinestones into a kind of "fool's gold"! Brilliant!

  11. Isn't this fun. I love the zinger of those last three lines.

    I also really appreciate Brendan's comment and your response. I think these conversations are important, especially for some of the younger folk coming up through the ranks. But for me too. If anything were ever to happen to Don (god forbid) and I found myself on the dating scene again (god forbid), I have to say that meeting people online, without seeing their physical attributes first, is an awfully nice way to begin. Being drawn to the mind and heart, rather than eyeing up the room for how someone looks (and I'm not attracted to the pecs pictured above either), makes sense to me now.

  12. I like the poem, sharp and very spicy. Not plastic at all.

  13. @Ruth: Yes, on the god forbids! and I agree. People can pretend to be many things behind their screens of course, but beyond that sort of thing, the way we get to know each other online seems less fraught with that whole appearance mystique and more about affinities, which to me is what matters. Thanks for reading, as always.

  14. I blame the media for this but not all men want that.

    Like the question at the end..


  15. Maybe we select for appreciation of beauty, if that is possible!

  16. Joy,
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so they say!
    But trouble is plastics change some things that we dream of. And it is not a leveled playing field anymore. What an unfair world!


  17. How very true, and evolution takes the wrong turn.


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats

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