Sunday, September 25, 2011

Green Sword

Green Sword

Beneath your lids the brown
walking earth waits to be displayed
the witchfire light it sheds and steals
blots out the darkness with a thicker shade
white, white hot shine the orbs within
like Armageddon’s heart of fire
where all things are to be consumed

why does this sight unroll me in  accord
as  the swelled seed unrolls her green sword?

October 1984

A hectic weekend with no time to write, but an old journal scribble from a planet distant in space and time is offered up, for whatever it is, or isn't. The only revision done was to shorten the ending couplet by a few extraneous words.


  1. interesting scribble hedge...the consuming made me think of fall while the closing couplet more of spring...death becomes life becomes....the cycles play on...both birth and death carry their own beauty...

  2. what Brian wrote is so true -- beautiful imagery.

    Thanks so much for commenting on my dVerse submission!

  3. I can see that hot white witchfire through your unlidded orbs. Sounds like maybe some closed lids are in order for you. Be well.

  4. Joy,
    It's a beautiful write even with the revamp that we never realized!


  5. Quite an intense scribble..... 1984 certainly was a distant planet wasn't it? But your words certainly travelled well through time here, Hedgewitch.... your carpet of green swords has followed me here too.... Joy you are an intense poet.....

  6. The dude sure had mojo over the Hedgester, that's fer sure. I guess that's the price of having so much mind -- and so much desire by another to screw with it. Some whiteout. - Brendan

  7. the last couple lines was line an unsheathing. you have quite a library to drop this from the 1984 shelf. i was watching back to the future, over and over and over. seriously.

  8. love the flow of these words, very dream like

  9. Fireblossom stole my comment!

    I like "witchfire" even more than Fireblossom.

  10. Thanks each and all for reading.

    @MZ You have to watch her every minute.

    @FB It's vintage hedgewitch, before I even was.

    @Ruth: Yes, things were hard to look at, at that point in my life--but it might have been better if I'd opened them more instead. O well. We do live and learn, fortunately.

    @B: There's one in every crowd, yes?

    @john: Distant galaxy, almost.

  11. first i thought you're writing about nature as well...lots of intense emotions in here hedge....the sword...Armageddon’s heart..somehow feels like dying and being born again

  12. Good write, rolled well off the tongue. =)


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats

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