Thursday, October 20, 2011



Playing at love poured out in a twist stem crystal glass
clear ruby,with notes of cherry and madagascar vanilla bean,
I’m here to sing them straight from your lips, drinking in a kiss
heavier than the outlaw tang of saddle, earth and tobacco,
far sweeter, sunnier than cranberry, red current, ripe raspberry
chambered blackberry, or clamoring, astringent key lime.
I'll crush the garnet red fruit and bitter black together
tilt back my head and toss them down, the taste
teasing to a lingering earthy finish
(tangerine and nectarine)
with just a bit of pepper and
restrained use of oak.

It’s all nuanced
bright green
(and pears)
on the nose
of living
with a round
a mossy
(no kiwi)
to finish
short and dry
with perhaps a little heat,leaving behind
a fleeting hint of licorice and clove over wet stone.
A vintage year for pinot noir, chenin blanc and the occasional lover.

January 2011

Reposted October 2011 for  FormForAll   at dVerse Poet's Pub

Disclaimer: all these analogies and terms are commonly used in the world of wine critique. I simply rearranged them a bit in a silly shape to entertain myself (and hopefully the reader) on a very dull day.


  1. A poem full of lovely arrangements of descriptors, oh so sensual and smooth. You offer delicious, heady, and scrumptuous poetry.

  2. Thanks Anna, for taking the time to stop by when you're feeling unwell. Now go have some chicken soup and a lay down.

  3. I remember this from the first go around and love it even more. I love wine but have problems with it since my kidney transplant. Thanks for the vicarious tasting!

  4. I like the descriptive value and the way this piece flows into the bowl of the glass but the last line kind of left me both full and empty. The occasional lover can be a filling spot to be in but it also points out to me my ignorance of wine.

    I rarely drank wine when I used alcohol and now I find myself in a position where I need to pick up a couple of bottles for an event for others to consume...are pinot noir, chenin blanc good affordable types that are well drunk at this time of year?

    Seeing as I have confessed my ignorance of wine I thought I would ask someone who at least displays more knowledge than I have. The grape always left me with a horrendous headache.

  5. A heady, aromatic and intoxicating medley of words :)
    Warmed in the hand, rolled around the mouth, sensual, just like a good glass of wine should be.
    And the last line is...well it made me smile :) wonderful.

  6. that is a cornucopia of taste....kinda like savored wines and old lovers....hehe...nice shape you got hedge...

  7. amen. god damn. that's a mouthful i'd like to get a taste of.

  8. Very clever! Did you quote this verbatim from a oenophile's catalogue? Very funny. And great use of shape prompt. And by the way, are you selling any?

  9. Mixology of wines - this never sounded list-like or a catalog of terms, you're so good at getting the sounds together so that there is a bouquet of sounds, aromas (on the nose) that float out of the bottle into the poem or glass. Wonderfully constructed, more dazzling than crystal. I loved it.

  10. terrific write, very creative, love the language used here

  11. visually - awesome! and all of the scents and tastes come bursting through.

  12. ok - this sounds totally odd but your poem made me wanna lick the computer screen...seriously.. because i just couldn't get enough of these taste sensations...oh my god..

  13. intoxicating! really love it! ♥

    dani {formerly haiku love songs}

  14. forgot to mention that i've really been missing your stunning poetry and i'll be back as soon as i can to catch up. ♥ d

  15. aromatic and oh so delicious... beautiful work that invites the eye and tempts the senses


  16. so much to say about one subject... like the glass effect... felt like I was going down a slide

  17. I need a glass of wine now. Thanks, Joy. Never

  18. Ahhh, there is no edit button. Sorry, meant to erase that last sentence and it looks like I missed a word. Was going to say, "I never had a poem make my mouth water for a nice glass of wine. All the fruity description in the poems did it. I could almost taste the wine while I was reading.

  19. Luscious purple'd poetic lingo.

    my favs
    Ha...'dusty fruit on the nose'
    'A fleeting hint of licorice and clove over wet stone'
    Well, we are all familiar with that aren't we?
    A great spoof on all the bs that wine buffs sprout.Well done and Good for you!

  20. Thanks all. I'll be making the rounds here in a bit. Appreciate everyone's input.

    @dani: good to see you--thanks for coming by and identifying yourself--almost didn't recognize you in the new name, till I saw the heart. ;-)

    @skav: yes, I hate that there's no edit button on comments. Especially since I'm the queen of typos lately. Re: the winespeak--if only wine really tasted like any of that instead of vinegary diluted grape juice. ;-)

  21. After a few glasses of even the "boxed" wine it all starts to taste like you described. :D

    I prefer a good Bloody Mary though. At night, in the morning, whenever. They taste good anytime of day.....ahh man now I'm going to have to go to the store to get the ingredients :D

  22. Oh, this is marvelous, so much flavor in here, almost like a recipe unfolding before your eyes, love all the fruits in the stem. Awesome shape as well. Thanks


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats

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