Thursday, January 5, 2012



I dreamed the big storm
finally came.
The crippled tree
came through the roof.
It wasn’t bad;
it let out  all the rats,
scrambling up the
streaming branch to blow
in the screaming whirlwind.

All but the
tiniest heartheld 
who raised his
demon’s white snout
for an eyeblink,
then went back 
to chewing.

January 2011

55 rats plus one for the G-Man


  1. oooh, sinister and dimly symbolic. i love it:)

  2. Interesting labels attached to this piece of verse. Wouldn't want to be in that storm. Hope it blows through on nothing more than your dreams

  3. I didn't think rats could get any ickyer but you did it.

  4. grisly....rats....and the sounds of chewing going up my back and shoulders....yep not going back to sleep tonight...smiles.

  5. What a dream ~ The symbolism is strong here specially with "tiniest heartheld" that went back to chewing ~

  6. "Rats? I hate rats. They make me crazy . . ."

    Creepy little 55!

  7. BEN!!!!!!

    That gnawing old bastard...
    We need to talk about these Nightmares Hedge.
    Have your people call my Secretary in the Morning.
    Loved your dreamy little tale.
    You are the Queen of Joy!!
    Thanks for sharing your deepest darkest secrets,
    and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  8. Those rats--nothing seems to rattle them. Are you sure this can be categorized as a dream? For me, it would be a nightmare, hedgewitch! :)

  9. Thanks all. I'll be making the rounds tomorrow to see what everyone's come up with.

    Ah Talon, thanks--I'll correct my tags--naturally, I have one for nightmares. ;-) It really wasn't one of my more pleasant dream interludes.

  10. An eye blink... He looked at you. Most rats run away before eye contact... Creepy little dream you had. Hope you rest well tonight. do you believe in your dreams. If so, a good angle on this one might be a little difficult. Or was this truly a fiction piece?

  11. I it Peter Lore? ...
    "You little rat!"

    Fickle Love

  12. I sort of like rats. Not in my house though!
    Great 55.

  13. watch out for the small and insignificant! whew, what a dream. thanks.

  14. I always thought rats were evil. You proved it and let me smile too.

  15. That's the kind of dream I try to forget.

  16. Ewwww.... all that chewing, and I've been told that mine is creepy!

    Full of imagery and good word choices.


  17. Hmmmm...sounds like you need a cat!

  18. eeew, hate rodents, this made my lips curl

  19. Way too creepy! Those rats are not a critter I can enjoy.

  20. I'm new to your blog, though I found rats, think I'll stay and have a look around! :)

  21. Ooerr . . really disturbing dream. V.good compression into 55 words.

  22. Thanks very much everybody--I'm under the weather atm, so excuse me for not returning your visits--uggh. I *hate* being sick!

  23. the idea of rats near me and listening to them is creeping me out still.

  24. this>>>>>is hilarious! (not your 55, but your little dude on the side wearing a petunia hat)
    Very sorry to hear that you are ill! Please get well soon..probably political flu, your system has been overloaded with too much crap! As for your and your dreams! I do wonder about this wise rat, rather nonplussed by the storm's felling, who does he/she embody? A vivid 55! Hope your fever dreams are a bit more tranquil ~


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats

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