Thursday, May 31, 2012

Face In The Storm

Into the clouds

Face in the Storm

The lantern trees shone,
upturned goblets
of chartreuse shimmering
brimmed over with the pursuing
stormlight loping behind them,
closing fast.

Unremitting as a child witched wild, trolls
of thunder chewed rocks, slouched under
the great cloud bridges sending
sweeping white slash after slash
of electric clapperclaw flash skydown to
consummate their mountain splitting noise.

Then the wind fell upon the world
more ravenous than any March bear, hungry as
the spirit of war, and tore
the lace veil from the branches.
In the dismay of their naked disarray I saw
the face I most long to forget

laughing from too wet lips
light of my sorrow its liquid eye
so with a sigh I rose and closed
the curtains on the rain.
But all night long
I felt the stare.

May 2012

Image: Into the Clouds, by LLudo on flick'r
Photo taken June 13, 2008, Norman, Oklahoma
Shared under a Creative Commons License 


  1. Terrifying power in that stormy face. It's a good thing a different cosmos awaits in the garden with lilies and euphorbia. Riveting as always, Hedge.

  2. wow pretty awesome power in that storm your description of it...ogres chewing rocks and the great really bring the storm alive...awesome and terrifying at moments...

  3. Wonderful/terrifying poem. There's this intensity (of course) to the storm--so loud and violent, and then this odd, but equally intense (maybe more intense) quiet of the stare. Of course, that seems almost more piercing than all the hullabaloo. k.

  4. Wow! One of my favorites of yours......."the capperclaw flash skydown".....the terrifying wet lips and liquid eye "light of my sorrow".......and the closing line - a fantastically effective piece.

  5. like some wag put it: once seen, it cannot be unseen....

  6. That final stanza is kicking butt and taking names, dear Witch. Sometimes it is not nature, but *our* nature, that creates the bigger storm.

  7. This went perfectly with a wild windy stormy day.

    "Unremitting as a child witched wild" - pure brilliance, hedgewitch. Loved this poem.

  8. ooops - I meant it went perfectly with my day today...which was a wild windy stormy day :)

    1. I got ya, dear Talon--it was wild and stormy here too, for several days now--the trees really were chartreuse--wish I had your photographic ability to catch them. It was amazing.

  9. Wow! This grabs you by the throat and doesn't let go.


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats