Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Odin's Day Night~Repost with Audio


Odin’s day Night

I wrap a poor turn 
of grizzled hope
around the moon
so frayed
I wrap it in the too 
opulent velvet 
of a voice
so dark
singing the

sagas of inamoratas
journeys' endings
rhymes of baldur's fall
monks' canted fragments
figments of
gods and demons
queens and fools
past and future
love and death.

The night sky is freckled
with perseid’s white splash,
droplets of star burning
strained through the alembic
of a staring nullity
defining my preterition,
sizzling like the rasp
of some old god’s laugh
rough from a silence
passing paleology.

How their light runs
fleet suns of Perseus
skittering across
night’s spread table
a howl on the ripped nail
of moon splintering

on Odin’s day
night as remote
as the face behind 
a blue electric vow, 
close as
the corvine quark
tumbling sable japes.

That laughter in the air, 
yelling from the beaks of crows   
falls high above 

beyond the circling light;
how the void must ring with it
time out of mind

August 2011

I've included an audio file below of me reading the poem out loud. It's my very first attempt at this, and I apologize for the background buzz and  the rather faint volume; you may need to adjust your volume level up

Odin's Day Night by Hedgewitch O'theWilds

Shared under a creative commons license


  1. Yes, please, I said on taking this rare opportunity to hear your poem read in your voice. The background ambient noise seems to add to the eerie nature of your words. I love your description of Odin's crows:
    the corvine quark
    tumbling sable japes..

    This is just so very special, Hedge.

    1. Thanks, Kerry--I've been putting off learning this bit of technology for over a year--today, since I'm feeling pretty useless for anything else, seemed a good day for it. Think I need a better mic though. ;-)

  2. Hey...that's my favorite Witch talkin! I'd know her voice anyplace, except usually she's shouting, "Who is this? Who IS this?!?" :-P

    Well, it is just me, come to enjoy your Vikingchick verse. This is chock full of howls, singing, and yelling from likely and unlikely sources. It's primitive and arcane all at once. It's pure Hedgewitch. I like.

    1. Thanks dear. I've been wanting to do this for awhile.

  3. ha how cool it is to hear your voice hedge...big smiles....the how the night runs stanza is def my fav, also the last 2 stanzas are really tight...long afternoon here so sorry i am just getting around...smiles.

  4. Even while riding on a fuzzy Soundcloud, your voice has the emotional quality that I would have hoped for. I would love to hear you read many more of your poems.

    (I have discovered the trick in finding time to read others' not blog myself!!!)

    1. O Lydia--I so agree--it's so hard to do both--often the only times I get to visit are when people post for prompts I'm doing. Thanks for making the time to read.

  5. btw, that quote by Mitt in your sidebar sure is telling....

    1. Yes, isn't it. And it really isn't taken out of context. He couldn't honestly remember what his position was on an issue a few years ago, but by God, he stood by it, whatever it was.(Even though he was totally contradicting it in his current statement.)But that's just Politician 101 these days, I guess.

  6. Well, I guess I'm heading to the wig store. Brilliant writing AND the perfect reading voice? Not fair!


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats

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