Friday, August 31, 2012

The Show Must Go On

Jester Mask White and Gold

The Show Must Go On

Not a line is left
of this player's love,
no drunkard's laugh
not a scene or shape
to shift
or spark to lift.

When you've pulled 
the punctured heart,
when my motley mask dries,
another fool will come to wear it
another curtain rise, another starlet bare it
to the house, and overplay the part.

~August 2012

A little drama with 55 bells, and motley
for    the g-man 

Optional Musical Accompaniment

Shared under a Creative Commons License

Thursday, August 30, 2012


Mourning Doves


High on the wire I watch the dove
pleat her feet to sit on the sky.
Balanced on faith or skill, she cannot fall.

Deep in winter I'm wrapped in fall;
in summer, the spring nests of doves.
On earth I see fire, in water sky

where lovers rose on waves, blue sky
so thick before the faith met fall
and lost the certainty of doves.

Doves swim the deep sea sky; we only fall.

~August 2012


Posted for    FormForAll  at dVerse Poets Pub
Samuel Peralta hosts today's form session at the pub ,on the tritina. The tritina is a shorter variation of the sestina, and Samuel explains it all better than I can at the link above.

Header image: Mourning Doves, by Seabarium on flick'r
Footer image:  Flight, by EssjayNZ,  on flick'r
Shared under a Creative Commons License.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Incubus: Finale

Incubus: Finale
(Incubus VII)

The incubus struggles
with depression,

reluctantly fulfilling
the contract,
turning his bitches 
over to

He broods.
that brimstone
badass act

~August 2012

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Challenge: Words Count with Mama Zen 

Mama Zen asks us to write, in 25 words or less, something using a trademark symbol, something used in our own, or in another poet's work so often as to be identified with the writer. I now have seven poems in my Incubus series, counting this one which, at least for the moment, is the last, so hopefully I've hit the mark. If you'd like to check out the others, click HERE.

Image: Death of a Whore, by Heironymous Bosch, circa 1485
Public Domain, via

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Stekelvarken Aiguilles Porc-├ępic


Living with her
was like living with roaches,
flimsy, easy to kill but never
really dead, always stutter running
always more hidden than shown
always a scuttling when the switch flipped,
impossible to hold accountable.

In a hard country, the dog chased
the porcupine
catching a hundred razor
barbed quills in his face every time.
Every time, they'd cut and pull them while he cried, 
saying, he's learned now, 
he won't do it again.

Before the blood was dulled dry, he'd be up
hunting, disfigured nose twitching, bantam
brain eclipsed, swollen with the useless rage
of the violated; just so, the child came back at her 
teeth bared, howling outside the den, nose down
for the yelling, the curse, the barbs in its
face, a hundred times.

In the rank stillness Mama Roach
drops her eggcase on the drainboard
casual as shedding a dirty thong.
Mating. Eating. Her own survival
absorbs her, and there will be more
eggs, many more. It's nothing

~August 2012

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 I'll be hosting tonight at the pub, so come join us. Doors open at 3:00 PM EST and link-in is live through tomorrow midnight.

If you would like to hear the poem read by the author, click below:

Header photo: Porcupine quills, by lamiot 
from Stekelvarken.JPG (Image:Stekelvarken.JPG) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Two Shadormas

Kerry O'Connor of Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads, presents a twin challenge this Sunday, both form and photographic, and in that spirit, I've written two poems inspired by two of her daughter, Jaime Clark's delicate, 'extreme close up' examples of macro photography:


on a spindle's point
the heart bird's
blood whispers
out blown like a misty rain
turning her last song.


Bright needles
move from sky to ground
threaded light
binds the twins 
ever unlike but the same
together with drops

~August 2012 

Posted for   real toads
Sunday Mini-Challenge: Shadorma/Macro Photography

Images by Jaime Clark
Used with permission.