Thursday, August 9, 2012


 Bending, or
The Queen of the Roller Derby
A Villanelle

When the world finally comes to an end
we won't have to drag the work scene.
We'll be able to breathe and to bend

in ways yogis can't comprehend.
We'll be skinned in magenta and green
when the world finally comes to an end

There'll be no more flyers to send        
no enticements for washing machines;
even dirt will be able to bend.

We won’t have to sit and pretend
that the hurting will help us get clean.
When the world finally slops to the end--

no more aps, got talents or #trends,
no more broken glass soup in tureens,
no more shatter before you can bend.

It will be true then that we were just friends;
the Roller Derby will have a new Queen
when the world finally comes to an end,
I"ll remember the right way to bend.

~August 2012

Optional Inspirational Accompaniment

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Out of Standard with Izy
Hair-raising wild women(and men) must unite behind the challenge thrown out by the inimitable Isadora Gruye to make something happy from the end of the world as we know it. I can do that, but I need skates...

Image: The Virgin, by Gustave Klimt, 1913, oil on canvas
Public Domain, via


  1. Am I really the first upon this marvel! A villanelle, no less... I feel the need to applaud the speaker for taking the time (on doomsday) to work out her perfect form. No standard is dropped just because the light is about to be snuffed.

    I loved the second stanza for its magenta and green skins, and your repeating lines are altered just enough throughout to keep it all sounding fresh.

  2. I love how the world "slops" to an end, and there's no more aps, got talents or #1 trends. No loss!

    And that song has always been a favorite of mine.

  3. smiles...enchanting end that you got there hedge...sounds a whole lot more peaceful than most apocalyses you know....and having the flexibility of your back restored will be rather nice then i imagine...smiles..

  4. Reading through he past couple of poems can't help thinking does it really have to take the end before we learn to let things be. We as a society seem determined to control everything most often to its detriment. As always thought provoking words beautifully written. Thank you for your comment on my poem, wasn't sure I was making any sense on that one. Your kind words made my day.

  5. This is great, Hedge. I love the first two lines, very apt with so many unemployed and no "end" in sight. And for some reason I can't quite explain, I love "no more broken glass soup in tureens" — maybe I just like the rhythm of it, but it's wonderful.

  6. First, the Klimt is just a stunning image. Really great choice. The poem also shows tons of great choices - the broken glass soup tureen wonderful, the skinned colors, the final bend after the break--and all so musical. It will be great not to have those "got talents."


  7. I love this. I have a poet friend who roller derbies. It totally rocks. Cool way to view The End - which is likely just a beginning of a whole other reality, consciousness-wise. I'm betting the roller derby gals are among the most evolved:)

  8. Actually, Joy, I have to confess that I wrote my doomsday poem after seeing this morning that you'd done a villanelle - and I thought, gee, if she came up with a villanelle on this theme, I've got to be able to come up with something! New York is a pretty good place for doomsday scenarios especially subway which is where i scribbled it out. Ha.

    No roller derbies on subway, but your bendability would be helpful with those tunnels. k.

    1. Ha! Escape frome New York *does* come to mind. I thought of you when I got the villanelle 'bug'--I'm in the middle of doing Claudia's prompt(in 55 words for tonight,) but will be by soon to read your take.

  9. Oh, yes!!! It is all about our ability to be flexible on so many levels isn't it!!?? I love the colorful skins and the easy rhyme throughout!!

    Nicely written, Hedge!!

    Thank you!!

  10. The artwork is very intriguing and beautiful!

    ...We'll be able to breathe and to bend
    in ways yogis can't comprehend.

    Doomsday for some will mean "Hell", I suppose, but for others it will mean relief from the bumps and hardships of this world...

  11. ... and I will wear a red hat! This is great!!

  12. drawing hearts around this one for realsies. I often think that if I were to be hit by a bus or meet some gruesome sudden end, that it doesn't happen after a long, crappy work day. This piece reminded me of that sentiment. Throw off the shackles (and hashtags) and don the roller skates. Well done, Hedgey. You truly wrote out of standard and beyond the apocalypse to summon the magnificent. Viva la

  13. I love villanelles. Your line 'we'll be skinned in magenta and green" is memorable and "when the world comes into an end" is just the perfect line.


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats