Sunday, August 26, 2012

Two Shadormas

Kerry O'Connor of Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads, presents a twin challenge this Sunday, both form and photographic, and in that spirit, I've written two poems inspired by two of her daughter, Jaime Clark's delicate, 'extreme close up' examples of macro photography:


on a spindle's point
the heart bird's
blood whispers
out blown like a misty rain
turning her last song.


Bright needles
move from sky to ground
threaded light
binds the twins 
ever unlike but the same
together with drops

~August 2012 

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Sunday Mini-Challenge: Shadorma/Macro Photography

Images by Jaime Clark
Used with permission.



  1. ooohh beautiful! i especially like the first one, "the heart bird's blood whispers." whoosh!

  2. Ooooh, these are so wonderful! The "heart bird's blood......turning her last song". Wow. And the "threaded light"....really evocative, kiddo.

  3. that first one is a of bit grisly beauty....the blown out in misty rain rather made me think it shot, but that is probably just me...smiles....really like the second, and the inclusion of twins in it....

  4. The power of the shadorma form lies in the bold, strong phrasing and you have shown us how to do that. Every word counts, and the way they work together to form an unforgettable image is mind-blowing. The first glows darkly and the second is a thing of fragile beauty.

  5. Beautiful pictures, and very pretty poems. Agree with Kerry re crafting. Something about the form gives them a halting quality which is very nice. k .

  6. What a fantastic job you have done...the first is dark and painful, but the second has beauty.

  7. That first one sounds gruesome to me, if I'm reading it right. The second one is lovely; I love the idea of twins who are different but still twins. It appeals to my dual Gemini nature!

  8. That first one is such a gold nugget that I cannot even extract one phrase for praise: whispers-->last song. Heart bird, bye bye.
    I hope it is but one moment lost, one poem, but I fear you mean all. It hurts to hear/watch it die. The second, also descending toward me, is not quite "Siamese twins," but descend together just the same on water silk thread, The first is more horribly beautiful, the second is more alive and hopeful.

  9. Amazing, Hedge. I can't even choose a favorite!

  10. Hi- I've become interested in what your listening to. I think it's safe to say Dylan is a poet. I kind of like him at this stage.

    1. That's very old Dylan. Some are turned off by the voice, and he's had his less than glorious moments since he hit Greenwich Village in 1961, but yes, he's a poet. Glad to see you stop by, Scott. I try to keep the sidebar updated once a week.

  11. Laffin hard at your "Fun. God how I hate it" lol picture.

  12. Your take on the first picture was so unique, really dug into emotion, when it could easily be interpreted as simply hardware. The second, unique drops that join together to make a collective, brilliant. Loved it! Peace, Amy

  13. Beautiful macro photography that inspired words from you that gave me a real sense of stillness. (Must admit that I am unfamiliar with this form and must go see what makes it tick.)

  14. The first was like it was done for but the second holds promise of a lot of things nice. Nicely written Joy!


  15. Wonderful...I love the threaded light! I have to try it again...
    Yours shine :D

  16. "turning her last song" is such an image... of sweetness slowly suffering, bravely singing, hanging on to beauty until the very last c h i r p.


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats

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