Thursday, October 25, 2012

Juggling Knives On A Unicycle

Juggling Knives on a Unicycle

Am I the wound
or am I the knife;
deep in the night the scream
or the ear,
the light, or
smudged in the wax candle
the burnt black wick?

Am I the
deathdeepened flower,
fruited in sweet slime
or the bitter firm seed;
the skint off bark,
stripped limb
split trunk
the storm?

~October 2012


55 screams in the dark for   the g-man

Process Notes: Title is taken from a photo of a street performer in Amsterdam I saw in an image search, juggling knives, on a unicycle. "Rough job--why don’t you quit?' "What, and leave show business???"

Header Image: Storm(Black Landscape) by Yves Tanguy 1926
All  copyright belongs to the copyright holders
Footer image:  knife by tofutti break on flick'r
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  1. My dear, you are the poet extraordinaire!

  2. i think that we take time as each, somedays the knife and others the wound...some the seed and some the flower....if we are lucky enough to notice as we play those roles...

    ha on the street performer...

  3. Great! and in response(Thanks-)
    If I stayed as a storm- and not the knife which I so carefully fold,
    perhaps the seed would get clean and fresh so it could grow into the new beauty of hope we all long for!

  4. Super. Takes the chicken and egg and tree falling in forest with no one to hear quite a bit farther - or at least way more vivid. OOH that deathdeepened flower in slime! Agh. And the candle wick - very well depicted.

    My question - am I the confusion in the brain or the amyloid plaque all around it?


    1. Ha! I am for sure the plaque. The confusion is just my live-in partner. Yes, we tend to forget that the whole purpose of the flower is to make the fruit, whereupon it promptly dies, and the whole purpose of the fruit is to feed the seed, or facilitate it spreading through various nasty processes involving digestion. Nature is not all roses and butterflies. ;_)

    2. You are well aware I'm sure but this could stand for theme of self-portrait if you wanted to be a double-dipper. It's such a lovely poem. k .

  5. I know i am both and all
    But far too often i ride my unicycle through crowds of people.
    Those not struck, seem to enjoy the show~kinda like runnin with the bulls. It helps to be drunk.
    Deathdeepened flower~how cool is that!
    Freaky stuff, you

    1. Thanks, rick. Disagree on the being drunk-never helps anything, in my experience--instead leads to more wounds all around, from bulls, or self-inflicted.

  6. I loved the duality of this Moon Bat!
    At first I was expecting a tribute to The Ed Sullivan Show and his classic acts (Plate twirling to the sounds of Sabre Dance in the background), but as usual, you delivered a thoughtfully creative Masterpiece.
    Loved your dichotomy 55 JA...
    Let me say this, I really really appreciate your participation, I realize that My Friday thing conflicts with 'Other' stuff. Never ever do this out of guilt, do it for FUN!!
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End....G

    1. It's a pleasure, not a duty, Galen. I really missed it when you were off being chewed on by nasty bacteria.

      Also, it helps me--I need the practice in keeping my blitherings short. ;-)

      (In one of my video games, I go by the name of Moonfeathers, btw. Took that from a local winery--now defunct, because, hey, Oklahoma is more wino country than wine country.)

      Have a Kickass weekend yourself, dude.

    2. Moonfeathers! I love that name.

  7. This is an amazing juggling of knife-edged images in 55, Hedge.

    PS. I adore the small witch!

  8. Fantastic writing - love the unique words you found to ask the questions - and the depth you packed into 55.

  9. Interesting point of view on the old saga of "Who are we?"

  10. You are the descriptor and a nice job of it ye be.

  11. Awesome verse! I LOVE it. Reminds me of "I Am The Highway" by Audio Slave. "Am I the wound, or am I the knife." What a great line. You and G-Man could've written your 55s this week in concert.

  12. Hi,

    And sorry, I couldn’t get thi to publish correctly?!

    There is a knife in the visual presentation of the poem, sort of, or at least that is what I see. The language is lovely—so we could stop there. No doubt, the language is lovely. I am confused by “deep in the night the scream / or the ear,”—why the ear? What is it hearing? Lovely language.

    1. Good eye, sir--not completely intentional, but it felt better that way than aligned left. Maybe because it echoed my idea back to me? Am I the scream(generator thereof)--or am I the experience of hearing it? This one is basically about causality and the self--how much of what we feel do we actually cause ourselves. Thanks AR, and sorry you had difficulties.

  13. I have just now commented to the effect that I don't usually suffer from writer envy if the writer merits his/her success - and now I do!!!


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats