Thursday, October 18, 2012

October Wish

Found on Facebook

My 600th post at Verse Escape--a very silly one, too.

October Wish
(A fairy tale, with animals)

Plug the elephants' trumpet,
bridle the donkeys' bray.
Take the vipers to lunch at
 the snakepit buffet.

Give the parrots a cracker
for their pie-hole-beaks;
let the vultures diet for a few weeks.

Just let SOMEBODY talk straight
before they sink the damn boat
and keep the rats out of the pantry
after we vote.

~October 2012

55 generous attempts at bipartisanship for   the g-man 
Don't get used to it.

Full Disclosure : I am an FDR Democrat, and will be voting as such. I just wish FDR was running.

Roosevelt Signs the Social Security Act, 1935

Image: of FDR signing the Social Security Act, causing his political enemies to refer to him as 'a traitor to his class,' and giving the other party someone to blame since 1935.
Public Domain, via wikimedia commons
(Okay, so I kinda blew the bipartisanship...)


  1. I'm with YOU Sistah!!!
    I've voted in every presidential election for the last 40 years, so I can bitch about it all I want. But I usually choose not to...hehehe
    Loved your New Deal 55 Joy Ann
    Thanks for playing, enjoy the Sunrise at Campabello, and have a Kick Ass Week-End.

  2. Good luck with that, hedge
    I'm n FDR man myself
    This election should be called
    "who ya gonna believe, me or him?"
    I'm just pretty much sick of it all, and florida n ohio are gonna decide it anyway.
    And yes, ~sigh~the rats will prosper.
    But i'm goin dem.

  3. Congratulations on your 600th post, dearie! Considering the caliber of those posts, it's really an achievement, and your readers are the lucky ones who get to just show up and see what you've created each time.

    As for FDR, I think I told you my slight connection. I'm rather proud of it.

  4. if only we could keep the rats out the pantry you know....sheesh...crazy ignorant people...took my students to the HQ of both parties this week...we came out of one of them very scared...blatant racial and unfounded slander at one...and a weird disinterest at the was freaky...

  5. Great and funny way to incorporate politics. Love your version

  6. Politics... definitely a frustrating topic, isn't it?!

    Glad you found a fun and creative way to write about it!

    Thanks for doing Friday 55!
    Mine's here. :)

  7. the "snakepit buffet" sounds like quite an interesting establishment. some straight talking (or shooting) might be nice.

  8. ... I love you anyway! ;P And on such a passionate subject, you were still able to rhyme.

    1. I do think the photo and subtitle is SPLENDID!

    2. Yes, perhaps we can agree and on some days just say 'a pox on both their houses.' ;-) Thanks Margaret.

    3. "double pox" would be better. :)

  9. Very clever--can't say cute as too awful.

    There's a wonderful piece on Jon Stewart with a clip of FDR.

    I think that's it. He (FDR) is just so charming. I'm sorry if this isn't the right link, but think it's in there. k.

    1. It's the right one--my husband's favorite clip(and he's a republican--but I think I've ruined him.) I love watching and listening to FDR--such a mellow voice, full of clarity and dignity, even when as in that he's poking fun at his opponents with childish glee. Yes, charming. Thanks for stopping by, k.

  10. My husband is a Republican too and he is going to vote at the American Embassy. I am with you on FDR, is one of the LEGEND of American History.Love your animal 55! Mine is here

  11. This is so, so great! That image is hilarious and your poem even more, and I am laughing my silly belly sore. I am going to share on facebook. :)

    Hail to FDR and to our wonderful hedgewitch.

  12. With you all the way, including FDR! Thanks for the smile, from the photo and your terrific rhyme.

    Trying to stay clear of the snake oil ...

    1. Never easy, and now almost impossible. It's sad to want the election to be over regardless of the winner or loser, just to escape it--especially when of late years, it never seems to end.

  13. I'll take FDR (or Teddy) 2 sides of the same family- who if they had more sense than pride would never have ripped the family in 2...
    Jeez so fr-- typical. I will bite my tongue now. Have a great week!

  14. One of the better political commentaries I've seen lately!

  15. Thanks for all the quality you've put into these first six hundred. We're looking forward to your next achievements.

    1. Thank you, TUG, for reading them. Always good to see you here.

  16. Perfect! Me too. Great commentary in the pic too.

  17. Replies
    1. J,

      Thank you for a clear moment of FDR appreciation!

      Since I am 'of the Left Coast', Dems -- not infrequently of the 'progressive' kind -- abound. And I am proudly one.

      I'm baffled how Reagan -- an FDR supporter -- turned into . . . well, Reagan.

      And all the Reagan progeny! Ouch!

      I agree with one of your commenters: Teddy Roosevelt was indeed a fine Republican. More of his brains and moderation are needed now.

      This televised, monetized, Blue State/Red State-dichotomized political campaigning -- for a generation, maybe more -- has poisoned reasonable consideration of things.

      There is no question, though, who is following FDR's blazed trail.

      Truly, fool

    2. Good to see you, TF. Our times have not been much of a forge for a strong, free country or great presidents, sadly, and Citizen's United has dealt the last blow, but there's no contest between the two candidates in my mind either.

      I'm glad I can remember Eisenhower & Kennedy and I agree about both Roosevelts. Teddy would be fine with me if he showed up, or Eleanor for that matter--happy to vote for any of them.

  18. Congratulations on 600 posts. AMAZING. Great political prose. And the image, priceless.

  19. Hahahaha - Ooooh yeah! And that reminds me, I want to add politicians to my Karma list! :o)

  20. I'm with you on that too, Hedge. And I LOVE your archaeological find!

  21. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!

  22. Funny and wonderful picture. So in American terms you be a dangerous leftie whereas in Brits eyes you be a moderate conservative - funny old world. Oh, and I wouldn't even be allowed in! And yes voted in all elections since I was 18. People die and have died for this right


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats