Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sugar Cookie


Sugar Cookie

 Watching from
moonlight's bright kitchen
everything whitens.....dusted with
confectioner's kisses.....sieved from stars.
Sky's sugar sifter sprinkles my upturned cookie
round face, once soft as dough, now beginning 
to flatten and crisp in this absently regulated
oven heat.............the baker's thinking of
something else-------if one batch's easy enough to 
whip up another.

~October 2012

Nice - a burn victim

55 grains of pure sugar for    the g-man

Process notes: The ellipses and dashes are just a flourish, to make the shape more cookie round, and to  theoretically look like sprinkles of sugar, hopefully without annoying the reader too much.

Header Image: Cookie, by EvelynGiggles, on flick'r
Footer Image: Nice-a burn victim, by iampeas, on flick'r 
Shared under a Creative Commons License


  1. i like mine a little crispy...just saying...if it aint got the crunch...

    but then again, there are somethings you just cant whip up another of...

  2. I like it crunchy :) My grandmother used to bake me sugar cookies...this made me miss her :)

  3. You are never annoying! :) I can't ever lightly brown rolls in the oven. It has actually become a family joke that I burn buns.

  4. Awww poor mr. Cookie
    (hope his name wasn't bill)
    We never think of those that make the ultimate sacrifice for the midnight snack.
    Glad he had the moon to console him.

  5. Margaret Bednar has overly HOT buns?

    Hedge...A little burnt is my favorite...:-)
    It's getting to be the baking time of year.
    Loved your Confectionary 55.
    Thanks for playing, I really really missed you.
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End


    1. Thanks my man--though that sounds like a suspiciously oriental name for a beer--I don't suppose they call it the Yellow Peril?

  6. Sw-e-e-e-t! What could that baker be thinking of?

  7. This is a very cute poem. What I like on the deeper level is the exchange of cookie face for moon face, and the idea of the person with that dough-hardened face all whitened looking up at sieved stars. You're right that the baker can be a bit careless - at least whatever baked me has definitely lost track of what they were doing--so I can definitely relate. (I am particularly feeling the cookie crumbling tonight, I'm afraid.) k.

    1. Ha. I have been pretty crispy (and crumbly)for quite awhile now myself. Thanks, k.

  8. This is the sweetest poem you have ever written! I am literally smiling big time here at the computer, totally charmed by it. Even the shape of the poem is the desired shape of the cookie. That it did not turn out quite that way is of little importance. Delectable, Joy!

  9. Crispy! Now that's a term I hadn't thought of for this phase ...

    I enjoyed these sugar cookie images. They make me long for winter and snow.

  10. Yummy! we woke to no power-no coffee... could have used a nice CRISP cookie! thanks!

  11. Best description of a sugar cookie ever! And all in 55 words. Yummy. Wish I could bake the day away.

  12. I thought the spaces in your poem resembled the cracks in the cookies - very cool idea. You work wonders with 55 words.

  13. "confectioner's kisses sieved from stars".....sigh. I need one of those cookies!

  14. I Love concrete poetry, and crinkly sugar cookies! This poem works in all of its imagery. It is delightful, and its humor a sprinkle of sugar too. But it is not so easy to whip up another in the oven and by the baker you speak of as all sugar cookies are not created equal.

  15. suddenly i feel really really really small... maybe "he" will let us have a few more sunrises before throwing this batch out and stating a new one =)

    this is so cute, and love the concrete form... very well done.

  16. You sure know how to bake up a good poem. Hope the baker really does whip up another batch - sweeter, unburned.

  17. I love how you wrote this, just like a cookie too. I love it and so positive too. Yes, we can always bake another batch. That's how we improve. Love your sugary 55! Mine is here


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats