Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bomb Scare


Between you
and the idea of you, 
somehow I was exploded,
dropped to the fuse-tune's insinuating 
crackle, round cartoon bomb hissing in my
ambushed hand, its heavy black sparking a spit
fire flashbang bone-blood delivery system.
 Now no one's left but the guilty survivor
clumsy in her new prosthesis, 
 the generous anarchist
 escaped by night

~January 2013

 55 imaginary splattered fragments for    the g-man

Shared under a Creative Commons License


  1. Your way with words fascinates me.

  2. I love the way you've given the body of the poem the rough shape of a bomb, and even used the word "bomb" itself to form the fuse! that is just cool.

    Some people, they are the Roadrunners we never quite catch, and we are the dopey Wile E Coyotes, with the bomb in our hand or the Acme crate falling on our heads. And now my brain just shut down, so that will have to be it from me.

  3. haha...i love the sounds this makes in my mouth as i read it...smiles...between you and the idea of you...i like that phrase...often the space is def there...and hey with the prosthesis the anarchist has new life to bomb again you know...smiles...nice concrete as well

  4. Explosive beginning and "its heavy black sparking a spit
    fire flashbang bone-blood delivery system." is just TOO fun to say!

  5. You know that Fireblossom is the BANE of my blogging existence!
    She sneaks in ahead of me with, steals my comments, then she hosts some sort of writing thing on Fucking Friday. It started on Mama Zen's blog, and now HERE! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr....
    (Of course I don't really hate her...Just the opposite)

    Now...Moonbat, You Da Bomb!!!
    Clever visuals, word usage that doesn't require Google, and doggone it, it was PERFECT Irony!
    Loved your explosive 55
    Thanks for playing, it's always an honour, and have a Kick Ass Week-End!

    1. Umm, I believe you mean FIREBLOSSOM Friday, sir. Those F-words are easy to mix up.

      Yes, I spared everyone the polysyllabic monsters, myths and arcane Latin terminology requiring outside explanation this time. Don't count on it though. But you can count on having a kick-ass weekend, I hope.

  6. Intriguing words. Excellent.
    You'll find mine here.

  7. Well, that sure was a blast, as your tag says! I love your shape poem and it is scary how much I relate to it!!!

  8. Ha. This is actually a new favorite of yours. The shape -which I honestly don't usually like--works very charmingly - though the poem is a deeper. The idea of getting caught - exploded = between you and the idea of you is so archetypical - but such a good way of putting it here -- original and right - and the end is terrific - I see this as the two sides of the speaker parted/exploded - the generous anarchist who held the bomb rather than throwing it - who's been exiled--and the one left holding the bag (in her prosthesis.) I may not have that quite right, but I like the parallels between the you and idea of you - because the speaker is split too - the anarchist who thought she could handle everything, the survivor who could not. -- (Maybe.) Anyway - lovely poem. k.

    1. Thanks, k. A good reading--I changed a few words at the last minute, and they do make a difference. It originally read 'wild-eyed anarchist,' which I thought was too cliche. By generous I was trying to be sardonic--as anarchists are so convinced they have the answer, and ready to give their all to execute it, for their own purposes. But I also like the idea of the fragmenting of the speaker into the same thing--victim and perpetrator, with second thoughts. I'm always glad when my poems start a different train of thought, because often I go "Yes! something in me *was* thinking that--I just didn't know it." The creative process is always a mystery for me. Thanks again, k, for your insight. Much appreciated.

    2. I know what you mean by that - finding things later - here I realize there is also a me as well as a you and her - though again I think that has to do with a bit of the fragmentation that comes from being exploded - me to her.

      I was thinking--and this is breaking from the poem, though it brought it up - about a month after 9/11, beginning with the meetings at the UN, my office building in midtown was beset by 2 bomb scares a day. We literally had them morning and afternoon for over a month. Every single day. One got used to it, but it was horrendous at the beginning. Certainly a way of feeling very fragmented. One does get used to almost anything though. Soon people weren't even leaving. Crazy.

      Very cool poem - I can't say fun! But cool. K.

    3. ps - esp like generous anarchist! And of course guilty survivor works terrifically - but they go especially well together as two reversals--one verbal, the other in expectation (in terms of meaning.)

    4. O k--two bomb scares a day! That is just mind-wracking. I know the whole country shared a lot of anxieties and fears in that horrible time(which changed us, I think, in too many ways to count) but those of you in NYC bore the full brunt of constantly seeing and feeling it in your every day lives. But, of course, there is nothing, as you say, that doesn't get old and accepted, however horrific(thinking London under the Blitz, etc)--part of our survival as a species.

      When I posted this, I actually was wondering if it wasn't disrespectful to our vets, so many of whom have actually been physically fragmented with real bomb injuries--not that psychic injuries can't be serious too, but nothing like that. It's a metaphor I don't mean to use gratuitously.

      Thanks again for reading, k, and the discussion.

  9. There's lots I like about this- the sound of words, the feel of the words, the shape of the poem, but especially, between you and the idea of you. I know what you're referring to and I've not thought of it that way before.

  10. Thanks to all who've been by--we're headed out the door on errands but I'll be back later to read.

  11. nothing is as we wish it were. i love "generous anarchist."

  12. This was fun. The words are so well selected, the shape is awesome. Really nice 55

  13. Fun! and some of us are dumb enough to hang around longer than we should!!!
    It is KKAHBONG- zzzzzish and all the other sounds thanks!

  14. Excellent concrete poetry, and volatile thoughts therein contained. I really admire your control as a writer - the build-up is wonderful, and the final two lines an excellent thunderclap conclusion.

  15. I do love the bomb shape! A fun read.

  16. Love the look and the fizzing sound this poem makes.

    Flash 55 - come on, i'm worth it

  17. i love the visual aspect and especially

    "Between you
    and the idea of you,"

    that's it so many times {most of the time?} {all the time?} when our 'idea' of a person, or who we want them to be, is not who they really are.

    wonderful 55, Joy!

  18. Thanks, everyone, and forgive me if I don;t show up right away--having to take a back pill here--will get out and respond over the weekend, promise.

  19. Love the line that brings the reader back to reality and the notion of learning to use a prosthesis. Boom!


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats

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