Friday, March 29, 2013

Cream For The Feral House Lion


Cream For The Feral House Lion

I liked it when
you'd shadowdance
silent across the electric grass
for your dawn saucer of cream
beige on beige, yellow-eyed dream
giving back less than a cat
but still, absently
clawing away
some of the grey on grey.

Now there's just drought and
wind, empty as the exhale
of copper-sweet cat's breath
or bleaching kudo hide,
only the grit in my knee
grinding, no music of bones
nor dance of the mind,
no purr-rumbled words,
their inexplicable comfort;

nothing left of
you, not the bouyant
Archimedean arc of your desires,
your moon-sown Tarot
serpent sure, lion wild;
just the bin in oblivion
where all your tawny messages
have come to feed
feline soft in the long 
savanna summer.

~March 2013

Lion staring

posted for   real toads
Challenge:Transforming Fridays
The ever-inspiring Hannah Gosselin gives us another of her biome-centric challenges, this time to express the voice of the wildlife of the savanna. (As always, my wildlife may vary from others' wildlife.)

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  1. This is beautiful. It is such a tribute to the pride of lionhood, even when it has fallen to captivity. I get the sense that wherever such a beast may be, the African savanna remains behind its golden eyes.

  2. These big cats fascinate me when I go to the zoo. They throw them meat, raw and I think of my own kitty and a slice of turkey I throw her. As she is content, I never really get that feeling from the lions. They always seem to gaze beyond the fence...

    "empty as the exhale"... beautiful

  3. wow...lovely dance of words here hedge....i feel as if the great cat is feeling its age a bit...perhaps lost a bit of its pride...hehe pun intended...the grind in the knee...and just the tone make me feel it a bit...

  4. Oh, your kind words are music to my heart...thank you, Hedge!

    Empty as the exhale of copper...Purr-rumbled words...moon-sown and bin in oblivion...

    all of these and so much more...your sound play throughout is enough to make a poet ecstatic!!

    I love the creature you chose and the voice that you filled him with.

    A brilliant and entertaining write for sure! :) So glad you wrote for the TF challenge! Thank you.

  5. A fabulous write, Joy. I am always amazed and delighted by your wonderful way with words.

  6. This took me there, and I held my breath as the words wove a spell.......sigh. This was a great read - the "tawny messages". Wow.

  7. Ha. I feel like your photos here are a bit of bait really, thrown out to trick and decoy, as this lion feels very much at home in places far from the African plains. (Or not at home.) I am pretty sure there are plenty of purr=rumbled words left. My favorite lines have to do with the clawing away of gray on gray. k.

  8. a feel a great exhale as I read. content. speechless.

  9. *blinks*

    It's always amazing to me how I can read a poem when I'm tired and I can't process it, then I come back when I'm fresh and it's like, wow, THERE it is! Helps to have some live brain cells.

    The whole first stanza is a joy. It isn't fireworks, as some of your poetry is, but has a steady, beautiful soulfulness, like the gaze of a big cat that isn't poised to eat you. Giving back less than a cat, that's a perfect line; but cats do give something, it's just that they only give what they damn well please. Therefore, having a cat's regard or even love is such a kick.

    I love the purr-rumbled words with their inexplicable comfort. That purring machine, who doesn't enjoy that, or being the cause of that?

    I'm going to shut up about the final stanza, not because it isn't good, but on the contrary, because it speaks so clearly to me, and goes straight to my heart. Surely this cat will be back, or the speaker will.

    Love the "thinking outside the cat box" label!

  10. Incredible. Just incredible, Hedge. The third stanza is beyond exquisite.

  11. Such beauty. Your words create such a spell as always.

  12. This is such a treat- to the ears, the imagination, the oneness with fellow creatures. We get a glimpse of lion's shadowdance.

  13. I loved this, hedgewitch. From the 'grey on grey' to the moon-sown Tarot'. Purrrfection :)


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats