Thursday, March 28, 2013

Paper Dolls

Black & White Paper Doll


She put her gypsy slipper
down in his devil's dance,
drank from an indigo dipper
the shaman spit of trance.
His jesuitical jive
was the music that kept her alive;
in each mask she put crosswise
her own wash denim eyes,
then cut paperdoll lovers apart
from the thin
parchment skin
of a roadkill heart.


~March 2013

55 flat dolls in a chain for   the g-man

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  1. A story in a poem.
    A poem of 55 words.
    A story of 55 words.
    A perfect syllogism!
    A tad beyond my realm of true understanding, but most of your stuff is way over my head anyway.
    Be that as it may, it flowed beautifully, and the idea was very Hedge-Like.
    Loved your Papercut 55
    Thank you so much for this deep and cool story/poem. You Rock Baby.
    Have a Kick mAss Week-End

    1. Hey, I'd explain it to ya, but it's way over my head too--just don;t date musicians, you'll be okay, and continue to enjoy much ass-kicking on weekends.

  2. "the music that kept her alive"

    Is there really anything else worth writing about?

  3. damn...cut the frigging paperdoll lovers apart from the skin of a roadkill heart...makes me kind of think of voodoo dolls you know...enchanting rhythm in this hedge...

  4. This has a lovely cadence, especially the first four lines. Another poem that begs to be read aloud and set to music. No, on second thought, forget the music. It needs none.

  5. very cool. especially like lines 3-5--indigo dipper,shaman spit,trance,and the end --roadkill heart--wonderful.k.

  6. Great mysticism at the centre of this.

  7. Quite the dance ! Great- thanks!

  8. wonderful rhythm and flow to these words
    every line is a gem
    alas i have no idea what they mean


  9. ZING - roadkill heart! Wow, this is lovely and brutal Joy.


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats