Friday, April 5, 2013

Blue Norther

Storm Front

Blue Norther

If I saw you now
blue-sudden as a Norther
borrowed cherokee hair gone snowy
wolfhound jaw locked against
the puzzle in your buckshot eyes

would it be the way it was, hard with
love and leaving,
full of the boy who wasn't ours,
of jaguar ghosts, bankrupt sacrifice;

an emptying out,  looking away,
passing on?

~April 2013

55 sharply falling degrees for   the g-man

Process notes:  BLUE NORTHER:    Refers to a swift-moving cold frontal passage in the southern Great Plains, marked by a dark, blue-black sky with strong wintery winds from the northwest or north and temperatures that may drop 20°F to 30°F in a few minutes.

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  1. Deep and mysterious question. Intriguing words.

  2. Borrowed Cherokee hair. Idiosyncratic but deeply evocative. Is karin with old blogger account.

  3. Love the hair and jaw! the others fit well too, very good descriptions! thanks.

  4. what would it be like to see them again, will they have changed in their maturing, really strong descriptors as well, puts an image in my head....

  5. Hedge...
    All that you pen, is so intriguing.
    You love driving people crazy don't you?
    After reading this about ten times, I kinda got
    your train of thought. The jaguar ghost thing
    was a bit odd, but maybe they were in Oklahoma
    years ago?
    Loved your Azure tinted 55.
    Thank you so very much for always adding your
    special touch of Class. Have a Kick Ass Week-End

  6. snowy hair, jaw locked. resolute, like rain.

  7. Ohhh, hedgewitch, this is a painted that particular shade of blue that precedes the twilight...pure indigo. Loved it!

  8. As always you've given a feast of imagery in your few words.

  9. Loved the Cherokee hair, wolfhound jaw, puzzled eyes........and the jaguar ghosts is a brilliant touch. Compact and intriguing. One knows there is a story there.

  10. Ripe with tangible imagery, your question creates an entire story in my mind. Hard with/love and leaving gave your character's depth away. This is dense and rich writing.

  11. So much gorgeous is so few words! Love "borrowed Cherokee hair."

  12. This just took me and carried me away. The language is both evocative and so layered, it is a delight to read and read again.

  13. This is very good. I love the wolfhound jaw. What a description! Always a pleasure and the image is pretty darn cool too. Thanks

  14. It's always seductive, and also nerve-jangling, to wonder what it would be like, encountering an old love today. I think that so much of what makes an important love important is the setting; in time, in place, and in the point one is at in one's life. It doesn't really translate, I don't think, into the present, after there's been a significant gap. If there are still butterflies, they flutter for what was, not for what still is.


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats