Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Night The Gargoyles Sang

The Night The Gargoyles Sang

It was in the first half of my life
when I was busy bleeding, that
the Princess gave me a frozen brussels sprout
at the state dinner and told me
to warm it for her.

I took it to the tech desk for
some heat, but it only melted
vanilla, into double dips
dripping out cyber chocolate chips
soft and sloppy on the spreadsheets.

I ran into the lonely west wing,
haunted by the Headless Bride
where the gargoyles came inside
out of the rain, to explain, but their
song was a stone in a rowboat to me

and I took their place on the roof, still hungry.
At around about this time I came
to the second half of my life
and was listening to you tell me
that things had gotten out of hand

since you'd been gone. I couldn't help
but notice you'd burned your eyebrows off
or the katydids you'd put in your waistcoat
pocket, hopping flamingo pink.
and so

I paid no attention, opened the cage
and let all the muskrats out. Or,
they might have been guinea pigs;
it was a difficult dream
to pin down.

~April 2013

Image: Lupo [GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html) or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons


  1. freedom for the muskrats! yay! um, what did you have before bed? a brussel sprout? those things are evil you know...smiles. surreal. the song was a stone in a rowboat to me...ha...cool line that...you kept me guessing what would come next hedge...

  2. It's the finest darned dream I've come across in a very long while - possibly ever!

  3. There is that element of the surreal dream here, but I also note the casual style and use of technical jargon, which makes this a fun read - all quite tongue-in-cheek.

  4. A lot of fun crazy menacing elements here. Truly the first half need not be a dream. The guy's arrival I the second half so wondeful in terms of details noticed but not interpreted.

    I am so impressed by the rolling out of the days. I did write a poem last night that I posted before sick blog. Probably it contributed to sickness-- not sleeping. K.

    1. Sorry I missed your poem earlier, k. I too was up all night, and had to get away from the computer after posting this, because of the sciatica-thing. Then just as I finished the comment on your sick tummy post, i was called away to guard my husband while he went up on the roof to tar something before tonight's severe weather onslaught...sigh. But I always check the top of your blog to see what I may have missed, because I would hate to miss any of your stuff, especially something at that level. It was the kind of poem that is some relief to write, maybe, but also very difficult to endure the feelings that prompt it. I hope you are feeling better and able to rest tonight.(Is it tonight yet? ;_))

  5. What did you have before you went to sleep :) Dreams so hard to understand yet so interesting trying to figure them out. As always, a cool write.

  6. This is so down-the-rabbit-hole, and a lot of fun, but every time I had almost decided the whole thing was just a lark, you threw in something that made me think, "Now wait..."

  7. You've got Acid?
    Purple Haze? Window Pane?

  8. dream? this is what Alice thru the looking glass would be today ~

  9. Ha. Very funny and clever. You know I was listening to White Rabbit last night for some reason--grace slick and Jefferson Airplane--very weird video--well, you know--k.


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats

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