Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Nestling


The Nestling

Taking my bucket
up from the well
I slipped on the
stone of your song.

Dark water splashed
cold on the ground,
the black seed split
at my feet.

Its leaves were razors,
its stem was a spear
that held on its tip
my earthworm heart.

You ate the grey muscle.
Your wings grew strong.

~May 2013

55 squirmy things for      the g-man

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  1. dang...vicious write....slipped on the stone of your song is a great line joy...then the seed becoming a spear, piercing your hear that they might eat it and become strong...dang...

  2. I'm going to email you my comment for this one, my friend.

  3. Moonbat...?
    Ok, so this is about brain eating Zombie Hummingbirds?
    What a Novel Idea!
    Your creativity knows NO bounds
    Loved your Hedgeillogical 55
    You Rock The Prairie Baby!
    Thanks for the beautiful confusion, and have a Kick Ass Week--End

    1. You rock the Undead Kasbah, G. Same to you.

  4. Dangerous stuff. Makes me want to be very cautious around you. :)

    Flash 55 - Promises

  5. The cycles of life...and death...rebirth...and how we are all have the scavenger in us. Loved it, hedgewitch!

  6. Joy Ann, here I thought you were going to go all tame on me. Your metaphor is wonderful and perfect.


  7. Super strong. The distillation of it - the fifty-fiveness- is wonderful--allows it to end with that slight ambiguity = terrific. k.

  8. Now that is a powerful write. Edgy but great depth.

  9. Ouch - I think I've planted that seed too. Razor sharp goodness Joy.

  10. Hedge, this is a sonnet in 55 words! I'm blown away by it. I love a story which begins at a well, it takes me back to fairy tales - here is the humble maiden in a dark realm, drawing her dark water and pierced by a bird's song, at once regenerative and voracious.

  11. Very creative metaphors.


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats

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