Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Flaneur

The Flaneur

I do no work, I stroll,
I smoke,
they call me mad;
I  choose
to be deaf.
For  words
I dig a suitable grave,
to  speech I prefer
a lunch of flowers.
You saw all this
with your monocular
vision, beautiful prey,
 yet your heart
 is my lemming.
There's nothing
 to be done
about that.

~June 2013

55 idle smoke-rings for    the g-man

also posted for    real toads
Challenge: Out of Standard with Izy
Film School Drop Out Edition
The always unexpected Isadora Gruye has a Leos Carax film clip up at the above link--her challenge was to write to it. Not sure that I grasped anything essential about it, but this is what came from the experience of watching it..

Process notes:  flaneur : "loafer, idler," 1854, from Fr. flâneur, from flâner "to stroll, loaf, saunter," probably from a Scand. source (cf. Norw. flana, flanta "to gad about").
Online Etymology Dictionary, © 2010 Douglas Harper 

Image: Self-Portait with a Sunflower, Anthony Van Dyk, 1632
Public Domain


  1. "Yet your heart is my lemming", I like that a lot, Joy Ann.


  2. Shaking my head in wonder at how you were able to capture the essence of that clip!!!

  3. Your piece has more art to it than my stroll down the dark side. "For words I dig a suitable grave." I like that.

  4. A bit of Whimsey d'Fracaise from the Hedgewitch?
    Tres Bien Fleidermouse de la Lune!!!
    Or is it de le Lune? J'Oublier!
    Another anachronistic Masterpiece 55
    Thanks for thinking of The Friday Funfest,
    We are indeed honoured...
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End

  5. ha. nothing wrong with a little madness...and there are some edible flowers....smiles...the trick is just getting them to open up a bit...and be your lemming....ha

  6. very much dig this poem, hedgey! The voice sings beyond madness and back to edible. Well done and viva la!

  7. Wonderful, Joy. I love this part
    "they call me mad;
    I choose
    to be deaf."
    How wonderful to be so sure of himself as is the idle flaneur, ignoring whatever the world has to say about him.

  8. Yikes, while the video clip was pretty much in-your-face disturbing, this is smoovly disturbing! This is one Frenchman I plan to keep my distance from. And keep him out of your garden, Hedge, he'll have a banquet.

  9. Excellent turns of phrase lift this self-inspection to the stature of art. Your metaphoric use of many of the visual images makes this an intellectual response to a bit of surreal madness.

  10. Brilliant. I love " For words I dig a suitable grave, " and "Your heart is my lemming."

  11. yeah, i too really like "your heart is my lemming"

  12. Wow, there's this whole early Friday thing this week. :)

    I loved the fatality in this. What will be, will surely be.

  13. you have captured an entire subculture here. (if not madness entirely) While this takes me back in time, I suspect the culture I read into this has been present at every age. There is a worry-less aspect that is almost admirable, and yet, the lack of boundaries has me feeling insecure. really wonderful write, I am enjoying the spin you've put my thoughts into.

  14. I've been bracing myself before each new reading just because of the video content. Your poetry is indeed art. You captured the essence as beauty in madness. Wonderful!

  15. Hey Joy, I thought I commented but have been so much in mobile devices I may not have done something correctly - a very cool poem. I love the very word Flaneur actually if not the concept - and the lemming hearts jumping into his void are quite poignant. Only I realize now that it is he that perceives them as lemming hearts - so who knows - maybe they don't care so much for him after all.

    I love the "I smoke." It reminds me of Lady Bracknell in The Importance of Being Earnest who is happy when a man smokes because at least he then has an occupation. Something like that. When not bunburying. Thanks. k.

    1. Laughin at the refined and infinitely satirical wisdom of Wilde. I also find the word 'flaneur' wonderful in its whole package--meaning and sound, because it just suggests something over-evolved and useless, I think. Anyway, thanks for reading, k.

  16. I love I choose to be deaf and your heart is my much movement in this piece I love your opening, too, Hedge, sounds ideal! :)

  17. This was really fun!

  18. I like the brevity and exactitude of each line. As I read your poem, in my mind, I saw the clip running once again. :)

  19. Far, far too much beauty in these words for it to accompany that video clip. Yes, these words paint a horrid image... but you make it all sound so GOOD! :)

  20. A little bit of insanity can go a long way with art - as long as the artist knows it is.
    Enjoyed this.

  21. Oh my -you know what they say about idle hands! Good job : )

  22. Oh, I love the lines:

    For words
    I dig a suitable grave,


    yet your heart
    is my lemming.

    Always a treat Joy.


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats

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