Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hairpin Turn

Columbia River Gorge Highway

Hairpin Turn
      take away the hairpin turn,
                                boomerang cliff
                                           magnetic abyss
                                                              kiss of confusion
                                                                          on my lips,
                                                                                  slick skin of the road
                                                                                           under my hips. Don’t
                                                                                          straighten her now.
                                                                                  Stay asleep at the wheel
                                                                         if it keeps the spin
                                     the curves unpeel
                    we'll be almost
there, locked
              in the straight blue stare
                                        of hell.

~September 2013

55 in a 15mph  Zone for       the g-man

Optional Musical Accompaniment
Hey Galen--I know you get *this!* Thanks for always reading my psychobabble.

Images: Columbia River Gorge Highway, H. Dragon on flick'r creative commons 
Bottom: Untitled, by Zdislav Beksinksi
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  1. Curves unpeel, blue stare of hell ~ What a lovely shaped poem ~ And I was just reading about Princess Grace Kelly and way she died, on the devil's turn of the road ~ I hope you are well Hedge ~

  2. well now...nice concrete poem joy...reminds me a bit of the white zombie song...cant think of it right now...slick skin of the road under my line that...and i like the flow...

  3. Powerful. I just keep reading back around that curve. It's like a romance you know will have a bad end but it's too much fun to pull out of before it's too late.

  4. I love concrete poetry, and really wanted to do that as my theme for my challenge tomorrow, but felt that it's too difficult to achieve on the computer.

    I can't drive 55 either!

  5. Favorite phrases:
    1. magnetic abyss
    2. slick skin of the road under my hips
    3. when the curves unpeel

    Good stuff.
    Plus I love the pictures.

    Thanks for doing Friday 55!
    Mine's here:

  6. After just returning from Colorado, and driving to the summit of
    14,280 ft Mt. Evans, your cool story/poem was right on time.
    Loved your appropriate Vid.
    Loved your snaky 55
    Thanks for your always classy support
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End

  7. love the blue stare of hell (though i don't want to be staring back at it) - & that is some curve, especially the one that left words behind on the page ;)

  8. This is nice. Very comprehensible and delightful to read.

  9. Loved that you incorporated the shape into your awesome words, hedgewitch.

  10. This is exactly why I came back into the blogosphere, to read this kind of poetry. You've done casual rhyme so smoothly it slips while it turns. This is a great read-aloud piece. Your ending puts a vice grip finish on. Thanks, Hedge.

  11. I love re-reading your poetry a second time, aloud. You really are queen of alliteration and whatever else the terms are. Your poetry is always a treat for the voice and tongue.

  12. Ha! Now, I don't much care for concrete poetry, but this works super super well. I'm shaking a bit at the thought of it all--it's sensual, scary, sexy, shakes a torqued finger at narcissism, all in one go. And great rhythm and sound.

    How we love those wild rides, even the bad ones have a vividness one longs for--the sensational, literally. So good. k.

  13. Brilliant! What more could be said of this masterpiece?

  14. Yep.

    Good one, Hedge. That final turn, into Hell. Damnation.


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats