Thursday, September 19, 2013

Remember To Forget

Remember To Forget

I remember things
that never were
in dreams,
in every dark room
your laugh the nightlight;
no need to promise
what's in plain sight.

I forget the things that are
in dreams.
Doppelgangers know
to hold me slow, tell me fast
words too low to hear.
Love that isn't there 
comes home at last 

~September 2013

55 recurrent dreams for     the g-man

Photo © joyannjones 2013


  1. I loved the mixed reality you've woven here, a mix of things that are and aren't. Perfect.

  2. I love it when I get your genius.
    I hope you aren't holding anything back because I'm a Dolt!
    Loved your selective memory 55
    Thank you for putting up with my Wise Cracking Buffoonery.
    The G-Man is in awe
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End

  3. The ending made me sigh, wishing it could've been a happier one.

  4. This is a stun gun of a PO hedge.
    the pace, the turn,
    the even treatment though -
    this is what really squeezes my ticker.
    I struggle to look at this subject
    with an even head, which as a young man
    I could except, but as a middle aged gent
    my anger is less . . . appealing,
    to me especially.
    but you make it what it should be
    and how I want to see it:
    through your eyes, beautiful and wise . . .
    the tragedy and the surprise
    of comfort in the

    thank you hedge.

  5. I like the ontradictions here. Remembering what isn't there. I felt a yearnning for love that never was. Enjoyed reading this. Lovely writing.

  6. "Love that isn't there
    comes home at last."

    I like this last part the best.

    Thanks for Friday 55!
    Mine's here:

  7. My dreamworld has always been active and somewhat terrifying. I don't think we can subtract our subconscious experiences from our real without losing something of ourselves.

  8. A beautiful poem -- I found the first stanza especially moving --lucky to have someone's laugh as a nightlight, and to have what for some is an idle promise right there in plain sight--that's what I call reliability and something more. (And not so easy to find.)

    I took the last too lines as meaning that the love that is absent from some of the dreams (which don't sound so great) is in fact there in real life and how wonderful is that! (I may be getting this wrong.) But it is all quite a beautiful concept.

    I for one really do not remember dreams much anymore and suspect I don't have many (although I suppose that's not right). (Of course, i worry that it's a sign of general brain decay, but it also may be a sign of not enough sleep!)

    At any rate, another lovely poem. That laugh a nightlight line was a little hard for me to get a first and of course, my brain was going punctuation-mad, but it's actually pretty clear if one just reads it. (Ha.) k.

    1. Thanks for reading, k. I didn't actually take the pic--it was given to me years ago by the subject(my second husband, deceased) but I am responsible for manipulating it into obscurity to protect his features, I hope. This one had ZERO punctuation originally, so don't think I didn't add a comma or two, not to mention semi-colon, just for you.

    2. Much appreciated. The whole poem wonderful. k.

  9. I love the softness of this...a dreamy quality like a fond memory when it floods our minds. Beautiful, as always, hedgewitch.

  10. Gorgeous structure, Hedge. I really like this one.

  11. I enjoy the layering and contrasts here. while your presentation is rather matter-of-fact, there is nothing idle or prettily descriptive about this dive through the subconscious. my dreams are usually so vivid, it is impossible to deny their reality , so I am particularly taken by your first three lines.

  12. I like the remembering and forgetting in dreams ~ Seems I am in this mode now ~ Lovely share Hedge ~ Happy Friday ~

  13. contra / positive is not the same as negative - for some reason, your write reminds me of this.

  14. Joy Ann, how not to be shallow is what I want at this moment. I feel I face my Doppelganger over and over without reason or happiness. Lost between this ethereal sense of being, you took me to an interesting place with this poem. I have been scarce for rain and too many emotions. Today the sun came out, but that might temporary. Thanks for visiting me and I hope all is well with you. Beautiful and concise writing, my friend.


  15. Caught in dreams...Remember to that. Such a beautiful piece!

  16. there is a sadness to me in this...the love that is not is there...only in dreams...makes me thing of the king in LOTR...maybe a weird connection but...been offline a few days and playing a bit of catch up...smiles.

  17. Poets are filled with ghosts, think, and this describes that perfectly. I love the idea of words spoken quickly and softly enough to be indistinct, and made into whatever the hearer needs them to be.

  18. remembering what isn't there... I think we all do this a lot, and create suffering through the stories of what we desire, but not what truly is. a beautiful and sad poem... actually quite full of reality the way I'm reading it.

  19. Enjoying the revisit. You use enjambment wo well here--I am someone that loves enjambment but doesn't always pause when reading end of lines, so I also really like the ambiguity--the way that the remember and forgetting can apply to the experience of a dream --I remember things that weren't in dreams-- as well as remembering what never occurred while in a dream. Of course, that is the quality of a remembered dream--not being quite sure what exactly happened after some minutes have passed. That's all super interesting and very well conveyed. I have a feeling that blogger may call me anonymous - it is K of Manicddaily. I am too tired to sign into my google account. Take care, k.

    1. Thanks, k. The comment box appears to have been reformatted--o, yet more upgrades to deal with, and I've lost my Wallace Stevens quote, but it *did* recognize you and of course, I would have recognized your 'voice' anyway, most likely. Thanks for re-reading and for the additional insights. I hope your workload starts to lighten up soon.


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats