Thursday, December 19, 2013




I'm just a blogging poet
despised by academe.
I don't count my atonalities.
I rust my cast iron dreams
in a rain of ruinous lunacies.
I polish twenty syllables
to spin you a ragged dime,
I sonnet from non-portuguese;
I don't hold my nose at rhyme.
I'm just a blogging poet:
read, rinse, repeat online.

~December 2013

55 blithering logorrheic units for    the g-man

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night! I plan on taking a blogging break till the New Year, but I will be lurking around in case someone makes me a prompt I can't refuse. 

Best of holidays to all and so many grateful thanks to all my readers who take the time and energy to visit, read, rinse and repeat all year long.

Image: Untitled, by Janiana C Falkiewicz on flick'r
Shared under a Creative Commons License


  1. No ivory tower for us, my fellow bloggy poet. Enjoy your hiatus and come back refreshed after the Xmas obligatory lunacy is over.

  2. I'm already mostly on break, being broke, but peeking in to pay respect. Merry dude in the red suit time of year to you, to, Joy. I appreciate having 'met' you this year, and your always - always - thoughtful poems and comments ~ Michael

  3. ha a great holiday and new year joy...thanks for the joy you bring as well...its def nice to take a break...and i dont take much stock in what the academia think about poetry you know....

  4. I'm glad you're a blogging poet, hedgewitch, or I'd be deprived of your amazing talent and that would be a loss, not just for me, but for the blogging community.

    Enjoy your break. Wishing a bright and beautiful holiday season.

  5. "Just" does NOT describe the Joy I know! Merry Christmas.

  6. Love this, especially the title, the non-Portuguese sonnets and the read, rinse, repeat. Happy Holiday.

  7. I'm not sure academe would despise! (But who cares?!) Glad you are washing in rainwater, and we get in on the rinse.

    Have a great break and thanks for all you give to and in your work. k.

  8. Miss Joy...
    Blogging breaks are fun, so is Lurking!
    Loved your poet status declaration 55
    Enjoy your time off.
    Thanks for dropping by Theme Blogs this week.
    You made it all worth while
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End

  9. haha! This is brilliant, Hedge, and self-deprecation aside the fringe world of blogging poets is inhabited by some of the finest contemporary writers of our time. (In my humble opinion)
    I never need go further than Verse Escape to find one.

  10. Lady, you crack me up! Have a marvelous Yule, Hedge!

  11. surely we are our own academe by now! but without all the academe bull. a non-academe academe paradox thingy LOL. all the best Hedge. have a great holiday and thank you for all your support this year, it would be no exaggeration to say that you have kept me going and posting with your feedback but above all your example and skill, giving me something to work toward. best arron

  12. What a hoot -- and the sentiment of all us non-academic poets is keenly put here. (I've given up counting their tonalities.) Joyce's book of verse was Pomes Pennyeach so, a hundred years has inflated them into spinning dimes. While Rome burns and the ivory towers collapse into academic white noise. Solstitial wonders to ya, friend. Good to know there's another sword-wielder in the war for Yuletide. - B

  13. I think Academe is too self interested to take note of us groundlings...enjoy your break. I hope to collect many of your polished dimes in the New Year.

  14. Thanks all for your well-wishes and support, and a very Happy Yuletide to everyone!

  15. Given my travels I'm just getting around to this but love it! You're a poet of note in our blogosphere and I read you in awe. Have happy holidays, Hedge!


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats

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