Thursday, March 27, 2014

Friday Flash Fiction 55 Farewell Tour

Life is change, and all good things must end, and come again, and all that jive,  but today is a sad day here at Verse Escape as we say goodbye to the G-man 's Friday 55 meme.

Galen Hayes, (Mr KnowItAll) after seven years of kicking ass and taking names, has decided to hand over the Friday funfest to new ownership. I'll let you read the details over at his place. I also encourage you to participate in the farewell tour with a final 55 of your own.

Looking back over my posts, I see that I have written one hundred and thirty four 55 word poems or prose pieces for the Master of 55's, and the one below I just cranked out makes one hundred thirty-five.  


Many of those poems would never have been written without that platform, its supportive readers and Galen himself with his always warm praise and hospitality.

Galen's goal has always seemed to be to me to connect and to have fun, some of the best things we can do with the internet. He has not just patiently, but cordially waded through my incomprehensible gibberish and weekly hallucinations and never missed a beat (or a smart-ass remark.) I shall miss this weekly celebration immensely, even though it will continue in a new form elsewhere--it will not be--nor should it be--the same without him.

So tonight, here without further ado is my totally non-hallucinatory tribute to a fine meme, and a finer gentleman. I call it

Ode to the G-Man

Whether it was snow or hailin'
you could always count on Galen.

Every Friday (maybe Thursday)
every week's-end, late or early,

cheerfully he'd read your scribble,
tactfully not call it drivel.

It was real & it was fun
tonight the G-Man's done.

Gun that Harley, go take five,
then please
Have a Kick-Ass Life.

~March, 2014

55 lonely teardrops for  the g-man 


Just for fun, here is a link to the very first 55 I ever posted, back in November of 2010, the second month of my first year blogging, called Dental Work--that proved to be quite a prophetic title, eh, G?


  1. I can't imagine anything you write as drivel and I join you in hoping he has a kick-ass life.

  2. smiles...galen is def a cool guy
    and there was a day when he talked me into sticking
    around this inter-world when i was ready to quit

    he will be sorely missed.

    1. He will, but I'm glad he talked you into staying.

  3. Lovely tribute to the G-man ~ I never knew you wrote so many 55s, smiles ~ Have a good Friday ~

  4. Replies
    1. I know, i had no idea until I pulled up the label in the dashboard---pages of them!

  5. An excellent tribute. I may never have a kick-ass weekend again.

  6. Yep...That's the one that did it!!!
    You just succeeded in turning me into a blubbering idiot.
    You above all, made me the proudest to have a forum for your enigmatic scribblings
    You validated my writing prompt
    You were forever loyal and supportive.
    Now you have TWO hosts that can actually understand your Freudian revelations
    Thank You Joy Ann for your unwavering support
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End....Galen

    1. I will really miss it, Galen--you helped me learn how to value words, and not waste them, how to look for a clearer presentation, and how to get a sadistic delight from baffling you whenever possible--not that I think you ever were as baffled as you like to pretend. Thanks for all the dedication, the reaching out, the time and energy you put in. Never think it wasn't valued.

  7. terrific ode and i love your close. kick ass life indeed!

  8. Well, first congrats! 135 -- that is something to be proud of indeed, especially when so many of those poems were so wonderful lyrical and faceted. Second, condolences! I will miss Galen too, though I've not been such a faithful 55er--he is such a sweet guy, and like you, wish him the best--(ps --love to imagine the Harley--the best kind of gunning.) K.

    (I've done a 55 but can't put up yet. But glad not to be square.)

  9. Very sweet and sincere and I just loved it.

  10. I only found the G-man a few months ago... so haven't had the same chance to hone my own. Finely wrought (and not over-), Hedge. Sorry again for not participating in your prompt. ~

    1. You may have come late, but you were a tasty grape added to the bunch, M. No worries on the prompt. I'll make more. ;_)

  11. A very fitting tribute! I know he will be missed by many. I did not write 135 55s (I am impressed that you did) but what I could see of Galen I liked. He is indeed a gentleman.

  12. Now this is what I call a fitting send-off! 135 55-ers is an achievement in its own right and Galen created that platform for your words. When I first thought 55 words were not enough to say anything of value, I learnt the error of my ways by visiting your posts.

  13. Aw, Hedge, your tribute to Galen made me cry! Thank you for your perfectly beautiful expression of gratitude for all he has done with/for this group. I'm too wiped out to attempt a tribute at my blog, and never could have said it this well anyway.
    Loved your 55, so fun and so real, just like the man himself.

    Also, thanks for the idea to count how many 55s I've written. Not as many as you did, but 105 ain't too shabby (and you are so right: without G, those poems never would have existed).

  14. What a great tribute to a man that has inspired so many.

  15. PS I don't know if anyone else has this problem but the text on your blog changes to a script like font when I use my laptop that makes it hard to read because it is incredibly small. Don't have that problem when I use my desktop though . . . not sure why it happens but just thought I'd mention it.

    1. Huh. I don't know what would cause that Kathryn. I can go into the template and see if I can make the text a wee bit bigger. I'll take a look. Every year or so I try to change the look of the blog a little because, redecorating! Last time I changed the font--on the whole I like it but It has several little quirks that are annoying, among them that commas and periods sort of look the same. Didn't know about the laptop thing. I will check it out--thanks for mentioning.

  16. Lovely , good hosts and commentators are invaluable! He certainly has made light of some of our attempts- which is a considerate way of being.

  17. Couldn't have said it better. No...I couldn't have said it as good. We shouldn't be misty-eyed though. He'll be off on that Harley, and that ain't bad.

  18. Can I just say too, I love your sidebar. Especially "Rich Man's War. Poor Man's Blood". You always sum up my feelings better than I can myself.

  19. Hell, you've turned me into a blubbering idiot!

    I've already mentioned this (somewhere); I don't know if I would even be writing if it weren't for Galen.

  20. So wonderful ode.. and anything you ever write could ever count as drivel.. this is just marvelous.. and such an amount of entries..

  21. Ahhhh, Awesome Write! Could certainly sing that.

    Gonna miss his 55s and ass-kickery, but new doors open with Mama Z & Shay. I'll play sometimes, for sure.

    Hope you're having an awesome-fun day!!

  22. He truly does have a gift for making people feel special. Loved your tribute!


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats

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