Thursday, March 6, 2014

Slipping The Leash

Slipping The Leash

Lost in the cold
with the moon breathing down
my neck, the blanket of silence
is rumpled by
dogs sleep-hunting in the hall,
running, woofing,
in a place more real
 than kibble and collar.

Wide awake 
in fragmented dark,
I'm longing
to slip the leash
and howl,
but sleep's a fable 
I won't
hear tonight.

~March 2014

55 soft twitches and woofs for      the g-man
(And this also is the poem I owed Mama Zen : insomnia, in less than 60 words.)

Image: A Sketch of My Hound Kuttie, 1885, by William Merritt Chase
Public Domain, via


  1. Did you know that when you are Nightmaring, your dog stares
    at you and wonders WTF is going on?
    I LOVED this dreamy yarn!
    As all with you, It's Perfecto Mundo!
    Thanks for playing, thanks for being such a loyal supporter
    Please have a Kick Ass Week-End

  2. Replies
    1. I thought that was Bunco. Or maybe we shouldn't talk politics. Always my pleasure to play, G. May your weekend kick as much ass as you can stand.

  3. I love dogs dreaming. Dog sleep-hunting a wonderful way to describe it and also to describe a person in a dog's night night. Slipping the leash also a great metaphor. (This is what I mean about thinking poetically.) k.

  4. ha. i havent slept much this week myself...
    i got to my parents tonight and everyone was
    maybe i was jealous a bit...smiles...they released my dad him set up at home...and now it is my sleep

  5. I've watched and wondered at dogs running their fields many a time. Your twist is perfect. ~

  6. Just love the first verse! My guys twitch and whine - course my shepherd is a whiner awake or asleep ! thanks-

  7. Beautiful dog sleeping. I am with him all the way.

  8. I love watching dogs hunt in their dreams! As for the insomnia, it sounds like torture.

    ps--I love the art you found to go with.

  9. Hate it when I'm unable to sleep (and that happens a lot). Love watching animals dream, I always wonder what they see. Hoping you get some good Zzzzz's.

  10. Brought back fond memories of our dogs sleeping/ dreaming with their legs moving and their woofs. Always wondered what dreaming was like for them. I dearly love my sleep and can't imagine sleeplessness on any consistent basis.

  11. I LOVE this poem and the picture....reminds me of how Pup would twitch and peddle his feet in his sleep those last months.......poignant, Hedge. Beautifully done.

  12. I am sometimes amazed at how soundly my dog can sleep. The insomniac in me is clearly jealous.

  13. Ah.. no dog here. . but i think that animals sleeps a lot... however I heard on the radio on cows sleep..
    1. you cannot tell difference between a cow sleeping and a cow resting
    2. the cow sleeps very little but rests a lot...

    kind of amusing but totally non-correlated facts.

    Yes the poem is lovely.

  14. I find the sound of a dog asleep to be very soothing - and I have anything up to 3 sleeping around me every night (just not ON the bed).

    This is the perfect sleepless 55.

  15. As some wise person once said, cats and dogs never get insomnia. Lucky buggers. This is lovely Joy.


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats