Thursday, October 8, 2015

Halloween Party

Halloween Party

What shall we be
for the masquerade? 
you asked from
the deep grinning dream.
I already had on my Valkyrie hat,
the one sewn with tattoos and blood.
You must do as you please, I replied
(tho this seemed to bring
 little illumination.) 

There isn't much left
in the bag of tricks; the banker's
taken the vampire's mouth, 
the real estate man is pandering the wig, 
and the clown suit's loaned out
in the service of the nation--
but in the trunk
at the bottom
of the basement stair,

there's a kilt and a claymore, 
so allay your despair
 and grow a pair,
if you're still
man enough to wear 
a skirt.
You looked grim and no wonder,
(pondering no doubt
the smoked mirror legs)

absently fingering a long
sheet-white robe, a thorny circle,
a plastic cross.
You'll have to go by yourself,
I said
into my wandering hat,
if you're thinking of

~October 2015

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Image: Masked woman, author unknown, via the internet. No copyright infringement intended.


  1. I really like the sting of what really remained in the bottom after the banker and real estate man had picked the best.. but I actually thought that bankers didn't needed the vampire paraphernalia.. they might be scary enough I thought..

  2. there's a kilt and a claymore,
    so allay your despair
    and grow a pair,
    if you're still
    man enough to wear
    a skirt...

    This made me laugh, Hedge... Loved it, all the way to the ironic parting shot.

  3. "and the clown suit's loaned out/in the service of the nation": That has to be my favorite bit. An oddly funny read, with social commentary and the macabre dressed up as something ordinary in your verse. Loved it. :-)

  4. A lot of fun, Joy--I think that some of those that pride themselves on pairs, would do better if they could imitate skirts--then we have the problem of those wearing skirts (like your governor) that seem to need to prove their pairs! Very subtle pokes here and vivid laughs (or tears.) Thanks. k.

  5. I enjoyed how the outfits were loaned out...truly a clown, I agree. The costume was a fine choice.

  6. Date night with the ghostly Paramour for a Halloween party—what to wear, what to bear, bare? It's not like we dudes have any gift for this--backward ballcap and red imp pecker the default choices. The day had put the season out of joint; the usual costumes have been appropriated (howlingly true here); but that's not to say the wicker riot still can't burn, eh? Kilt and claymore, indeed, painted blue and a case of you ... That's the spirit ... five snapping bone phalanges.

    1. This was rather a more somber poem till I applied Michael's words to it, and then the party went, with predictable results, to DC--but sometimes it's fun to tell the emperor he has no kilt. ;_) Thanks, B. I am wondering if there is enough popcorn in the world to get us through this election season.

  7. Very sly, snarky, but true observation of the world today.

  8. !! My first read, and there's the grin and grim I was hoping for, in equal measure. Had me chuckling and clucking, yes, yes (especially the lines already pointed out) until the final laugh of that. Thanks for this, Hedge ~

  9. Couldn't contain my grin

  10. You'll have to go by yourself,
    if you're thinking of
    wearing that.

    Great punch-line Joy! Yes, sometimes the choice of 'dress' leaves one wondering on their sense of imagination!


  11. You sly thing. This is timely, darkly funny, and in the end, alarming.

  12. This is a Halloween feast... several courses. Love the speaker's costume, the way the others have been distributed, and the last line... well, it made me raise an eyebrow, nod, and grin. Thank you for the yum!


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats

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