Saturday, December 5, 2015


Those of you who follow me on facebook have already seen most of these, but for those who are wondering where the hell I have been lately, it is cleaning up after the Black Friday ice storm. Thankfully, no damage to the house or pick-up, and we were spared the power outages, too. Lots of work, but on the plus side--we won't have to buy firewood this year. ;_)

First, the beautiful part:

Next, the destructive:

which turned into the work part:

So, bear with me friends--we still have a lot to do, but I will be by whenever I can drag myself out of my Aleve-permeated post-hauling torpor.


  1. Whoa--that's so sad--a lot of work. (It is so strange to see from a NE perspective as we have ice storms but the ground and everything is always white--this is rather uncanny with the brown grass--) Agh. So sorry. k

    1. Thanks, k--don;t mean to complain. It could have been much worse. And yes, the brown grass all winter is something you have to get used to down here.

  2. Ice storms are beautiful in their destruction.

    Glad all are safe and warm.

  3. It looks like you live on a beautiful piece of land. Wow.........I love the ice photos.....our trees were all frozen white one day last week and I didnt take photos, which I now regret! Take care, kiddo.

  4. I'm glad it wasn't any worse, and it's good to know you can use the wood from the down trees.

  5. What Gail said. The images are so pretty to look at, but once I start thinking about what they mean... poor you and everyone around you. ♥

  6. holy mcfoliage. I won't complain of the lack of rain here, and 75 degree temps... (yes, you can smack me) ~


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