Monday, May 23, 2016

Goodbye Without An End

Goodbye Without An End

Let me leave where it all begins.
Let me meet you where fires fail.

Let me know you at last as my kin,
where breath is as close as skin,
where we don't know the end of the tale;

where it's better to go than stay
where it's better to dream than wake

tossed on the sparkle and spray
until we dive or break.

~May 2016

My muse seems to be taking a bit of a hiatus, dear readers and friends. As usual, if something comes, I will write it; otherwise I ask you to forgive my absence. Best of summers to you all and as always, thanks for the support over so many years.

Image: Harald Sohlberg, Sea Spray, 1908, pen,ink and watercolor on paper
Fair use.


  1. Your pieces are always worth waiting for! This piece reminded me of the old cliche about how it is better to have loved and lost than to never have known love. These word were full of that sad eventuality.

  2. Hey Joy--that's a real balancing act and one that we both long for and fly--beautiful rhyme and syncopated meter-- I especially like that it begins mid-stanza as it were --does it? It seems to me too in terms of lines per stanza--and that fits so well with leaving when it all begins-- for me, the poem feels more like seeing through a glass darkly than loving and lost--but it has a resonance of the archetypal and that's broad and expansive. Thanks. I hope you have a great break in the sense of rest--ha--and a great diving too-- k.

  3. A pleasing gift before the hiatus...a dark mixture here of mystery and uncertainty, just like life always is when it seems there is much at stake. I love the brevity and focus of each stanza. And the final two lines are perfect punctuation. See you back soon.

  4. Yo Hedge -- maybe roses were inexhaustible for Rilke but for mortal bards and hedgecharmers, we get filled with the spirit but we leak. Somedays its so easy to walk away from it all, be free of the trope-a-doping forever ... Maybe tomorrow or the next, maybe never. Who knows. It isn't even worth singing about unless there wasn't something -- such a lively, lovely madness -- to let go. Amen, friend, and again come the wind. Enjoy the summer coming in.

  5. This is so beautifully wistful. The meter gives it a feeling of a prayer as well, even if the one doing the praying is not so sure of the outcome.

  6. I believe story-tellers, bards, poets are all brothers and sisters across space and time. It is part of the tradition to go forth, sometimes to return and sometimes not. After all, it is the journey that holds the tale, not the destination.

  7. my muse seems to have left no forwarding address.

    yours returned, it would seem - thankfully. ~


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats