Thursday, April 27, 2017

In Question

In Question

I am the woman
in the question
in the dream
that only dreams can answer

the promise
in the stem
before the bud
that only a rose remembers

the fragrance
of the jasmine
in the night
when darkness claims the flower.

I am the sun
that clouds encipher,
the star whose face
is cancelled;

only losing
rain and coming night
reveal my light.

I am the woman
in the question
in the dream.

~April 2017

Images by Odilon Redon, Public domain, manipulated:
The Breath which Leads All Beings is also in The Spheres (Le souffle qui conduit les êtres est aussi dans les sphères) 1882
Cup of Cognition~Child with Cup ( La Coupe du Devenir (L'Enfant a la Coupe)


  1. the cipher in the enigma in the cryptic in the shadow. the circularity is quite effective - poem as tautology, as it were - and yes, dreamlike, invoking that sense of wonder I suspect we all feel when (mis)remembering a dream woman. at least for me. ~

  2. This reads like something spoken in a dream, and upon waking, one is trying to remember "What was that she said? What did it mean?" but it just keeps slipping away.

  3. ...the end of a day, before the new dawn

  4. There's a bit of the Surrealist address here, Jimenez or Machado as they echo in my reading's ear. An iteration cogent in the well-water of the dream, iterating an etymology of the aging song--whence it came from, what it engenders. Seen and unseen dance in the dapple, rising from and settling with the waking dreamer's statement. Moon-flowers must unfurl their trumpets in this light. Amen.


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats