Thursday, June 1, 2017

Brute Hill

Brute Hill

Ula La was a frycook
at Joy DuVeeve's saloon.
Rusty Naylor was a gambler
who overshot the moon.

Two Gun Shogun smoked his long stemmed pipe;
his katana made no sound.
Little Mort the Undertaker put
old Rusty in the ground.

Loup Garou and Bill McKinley
passed Brute Hill on the high noon train
to catch a bite at Joy DuVeeve's
before the plague coach came.

Heart of lead
and heart of black fade out without a sound.

Heart of gold
and heart of green still laugh and still beat on.

~June 2017

Optional Musical Accompaniment

Some silliness for Fireblossom's Paper Moon

Images: Going West, 1934-35, ©Jackson Pollack. Fair Use.
The Women Friends, 1917, by Gustav Klimt. Public Domain