Friday, September 22, 2017

Friday 55 September 22 2017

Welcome again to the Friday journey, where everything we desire to say attempts to erupt in exactly 55 words. This concentrated elixir can pour out in any form--free verse, formed poetry, prose fiction or non-fiction, so long as the vessel is 55 words--no more, no less. Post a link to your own message in a bottle in the comments and I will be by to see what you have concocted. We carry on this meme for our own enrichment,and in memory of a blogger named Galen Hayes, the G-Man, who started this particular ball rolling in a way no one will ever duplicate. (You can read more about that here.)

Comment moderation is on to discourage the trolls and the unserious, and the 55, as always, will be open all weekend to allow full time for the creative juices to flow.

Meanwhile, let's get down to business:


I noticed today
a crack in the world
where chaos bleeds out
a mislaid horror
fresh from remission;

the dreamer's last surprise

for some things must die
when every glass breaks,
every child's mistake
throws the best away:

your rainwater eyes
hair full of darkness
navy-blue night's luminous arc,
book-breathing walls, shelved larks


~September 2017

Process notes: I don't think anyone could have gone through this last month without feeling the breath of chaos released--this poem is an amalgam of  many past and current disasters, personal, political and planetary, and disasters to come.

Image: Larson C Ice Rift crack, prior to calving Iceberg A-68, via internet. Fair use
(If you'd like to know more about the recent activity at the Larson C ice rift in Antarctica and its newly calved mammoth iceberg, you can read about that at these links, as well as  here.)


  1. I saw the pictures leading up to that fracture and no one wanted to listen or read the proofs I have collected on climate science. No one seems to care that the US Military regards climate change as the #1 national security threat above all others. God we are collectively idiots!

    All other disasters, especially the hurricanes are rooted in the changing atmosphere Joy. I am glad to be older but my grandchildren...

    Anyway "here's mine"

    1. Thanks Mark--as you may or may not know, I live in a very red state, and our former State Attorney(famous for suing Colorado for legalizing pot, and petitioning to get an ugly monument of the Ten Commandments permanently enshrined at our state house)Scott Pruitt, is a well-known puppet of the oil industry, financed by Chesapeake and Devon Energy his entire career, and a professional climate change denier, so when he was appointed head of the EPA, I felt that the crowning touch to this insult to our collective intelligence which is the current administration had been added in a way you could almost call black humor. It is not so much climate change denial, really, as it's paid dismissal, but the end result is the same. Very glad to read your excellent 55--and to have your company in sending a vibe out to wherever Galen may be.

    2. Thanks again for bringing back Galen's 55 Joy.

      I read a few months ago that the latest predictions are 3 years--that's how much time we have to reduce O2 in the atmosphere before the planets ability to even come close (it's losing at the moment) being able to scrub the atmosphere through photosynthesis & the oceans (same sort of process).

      We have reefs bleaching off destroying habitat, American government opening up protected land for deforestation and mining, lowering fosil fuel emission standards, a genetically altered food chain making most GMO's nondigestible, and a whole raft of other issues. The cabinet Trump assembled from top to bottom was put in place for nothing less than the complete roll back or dismantling the departments they head.

      I call it the dissolution of the republic. So we get distracted by statues and flags and anthems...*sigh* I have one tattoo. I had it put on when I was 17 and just a week after I went aboard my ship--this was during the final days of the Vietnam war--it is a butterfly with the word FREEDOM above it and DEJA VU (seen before) beneath.

      Every time I see these rallies of national fervor that erupt in a cloud of white hot hate and chanting--I think on FREEDOM and wonder if those who can not understand that patriotism is an action of the heart and mind not the fist and fury have ever truly felt what freedom feels like.

      We are in deep shit no matter which way we turn, but I can swim and well shit is just that...shit than can be used to feed a garden in the right hands or dried and used for a campfire.

      Next week.

    3. Yep--freedom to too many is all too often the Kristoferson quote(just another word for nothing left to lose)and we may be reaching that point in both literal and spiritual reality. Bannon's input into the malleable cocaine-raddled braincells of our current president is obvious in his cabinet picks--the 'dismantling of the administrative state" in a war on 'globalism' resulting in chaos and disintegration so the vultures can move in in their jackboots and take over. I'm no fan of either the neolibs or the neocons, but somebody has to do the dirty work of governing, and I'd rather it was them if the alternative is a bunch of fascist bigot power-freaks with paranoid delusions. I do have faith though that the wheel will turn(it never stops)to a rational destination or else the planet will purge us and our little strut here will be over. Thanks again for playing. Till next time.

  2. Love, Love, Love this!
    I have 55 as well, here:
    I'm heading to work, then out of town for a wedding. Will read when I return...Sunday or Monday. Thank you again for doing this, Joy! Happy Equinox to you!

    1. Thank you so much for joining in Mary--have a kickass time at your wedding, and a Happy Equinox to you as well--Fall is truly in the air, even here.

  3. The world is a royal mess at the moment, and your poem reads like echoes of the turmoil--the break, the blood, the darkness, the threat... All of it pacing in your lines, moving from macro to micro, from the world to a heart. By the way, the "book-threatening" phrase seems to shake on the screen, glaring, promising a burst...

    And here are my "Felt Words" for this week:

    1. Thanks! And I love your continuing tale, Magaly--it's exactly in the 55 spirit of flash fiction, yet it also is pure dark delicious you. Thanks so much for making the effort to play with us so divertingly during your weekly ordeal.

  4. Oh, wow....that list of the things that provide sanctuary is so beautiful. I share your concern over recent events. The world is in more distress than I have seen in my 70 years of living. Consciousness needs to awaken globally, and soon.

  5. I have no idea what this says but omg it's the best. Seriously, tears. But forget all that--HERE'S MINE!

    1. OMG! No! YOURS was the best! I laughed for three solid minutes (in spurts and snorts where I was very thankful no liquids were involved.) I love it when you turn Coal loose, my dear. Thanks for joining in in the truest spirit of the prompt--this one would have the G-Man rolling.

  6. Wow! You have hit among the places my mind has traveled of late. Life is walking a razor wire these days.

    Here is my FF55

  7. This is so sharply written, as it should be. Times like ours do not require softening our words. Here's my contribution to Friday 55:

  8. I've been away so long and all that's changed here is that your poetry is better than ever! ♥

    1. Thank you Lydia. So good to see you again--you are always welcome if you get the urge to play.

  9. You've covered much of what's has been on people's minds. Perhaps you've even uncovered what has been there and not yet escaped to consciousness. Thank goodness for even temporary sanctuaries.

  10. For me this was wildly ambivalent, as if moving along just ahead of the crack to enjoy a little late last "sanctuary." If Floridians felt there was several decades left of that habitat, Irma should make those doors sticky and Maria load up the house with refugees.

    Crack poem back atcha:

  11. Or traveling along behind it, remembering, and counting the losses. Thanks, B--I feel for your state, and all its swampy denizens, even the reptilian because when the next rain falls, it's gonna be that hard one. Off to see what you have wrought.

  12. Too many cracks in the world and every fracture a heartache.

  13. Thanks so much, to everyone who played, and everyone who stopped by. I'll make a last stop by at the end of the day for any late comers, and to everyone else, thanks for making my weekend.

  14. Latecomer...right here. Busy girl, but not to busy to poem for you.


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats

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