Monday, October 30, 2017

The Tree With All The Body's Roses

The Tree With All The Body's Roses

"She sang beyond the genius of the sea. 
The water never formed to mind or voice,   
Like a body wholly body, fluttering
Its empty sleeves..."

The world has parrots.
I'm looking for a songbird
in the jade well of deep forest,
a voice to bucket it up.
Behind the plastic house 

I found blue wildflowers,
watched their petals transmogrify
to wings on seeds 
 blowing like the freckles of stardust
mottling the Milky Way,
to daisy-face another autumn day  
in indigo beyond the swirling suns.

All this because a thousand years ago
in banished nights the apprentice read to me
words of a Northern heart washed up
 on a bleach and dazzle of tropic sand;

to me, his caryatid, words for a girl
 he loved I'd never be, that 
magic could not make me,
to sing beyond the genius of the sea.

Yet she brought me here, that girl,
a statue suddenly animate,
to dig and weed the heart's ground
beyond the ocean drench of chemical hope,
past youth itself in its naked greed, til at last a tree

would raise the mind's branch on which
a bird could land and sing
of all the body's roses we
never see.

~October 2017

"The topic is simple: Love Is Love Is Love… and Words. Let’s art our loves with words in them. You can share a story or poem about why you love writing poetry, or telling tales, or singing, or painting, or dancing, or sculpting, or knitting, or bedazzling the skulls of your enemies and friends… write about the art you are happiest to create.
Your posts must contain at least one magical element and some sort of love(dark love, sweet love, ridiculous love, terrifying love, insane love, gentle love…)..."

(I hope the  young love and transmogrifying magic here is enough, even if it didn't exactly work as planned by the magician's apprentice. )

Rosa 'Pat Austen' ©joyannjones 2013
Clouds in Finland, by Konrad Kryzyzanowski  Fair Use

Friday, October 27, 2017

Friday 55 Halloween Edition

Welcome, dear friends and readers to our last 55 for the month of lonesome October. Soon the veil will be as thin as it gets; perhaps something will whisper to you across it. Or perhaps another voice is calling you to write. As always, we gather here to remember the G-man, stretch our writing muscles and enjoy ourselves. There are no rules, except that your contribution must consist of 55 words of prose or poetry, no more, no less. Comment moderation is on, but I check often, so leave your link in the comments below from Friday through Sunday, and I will be around to see what you have built.

Now, let the shadows dance..


Fallen angels must dance just so, quick feet
on the chest of October night,
three umbrae darkening, together alone;
maiden, mother and golem crone.

Maiden's house is burnt to the ground.
Mother's been drained like a drunkard's flask.
And mad as the moon is the golem's widow,
stark in the hedgerows of the Veil-keeper's riddle.

 ~October 2017

Header image via internet. Author unknown. Fair use.
Footer image: Jack,  ©joyannjones 2017  Pumpkin carved by my son.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Friday 55 October 20 2017

Welcome, all, to the Friday journey, where we tip a hat to that great host of infinite possibilities now passed on, Galen Hayes, and build our own word-ships for sailing the seas of confusion, with 55 verbal planks of poetry or prose, no more no less, linked in the comments below. The rules remain the same, in that there are no rules, no strings and no obligations. Maybe you feel like playing this week, maybe you are otherwise occupied. Maybe you feel like commenting and visiting and maybe you hate it. None of that is important, except that you write when you are ready, because this is simply a writing exercise---for craft, fellowship and fun. As always, comment moderation is on to keep things real, and the prompt remains live from Friday through Sunday.

And so let's begin...


These words,
these broken bits of
stained glass, stained
as summer's love;
cinnabar, gold, sky cerulean;
fractured light that slants
notice of the
dead end of the year.

Faces are flown 
from the high window
 (unconsecrated now)
 their smiles
a scattered puzzle;
these October words
fall like
frostburned angels,

only good
for whispering to ghosts.

~October 2017

Note: Leadlight or leaded lights, are windows made from small sections of glass supported in lead frames, a generic term now often extended to all stained glass work, though earlier used only for simpler window or domestic casement art.  ~wikipedia

Image via internet search. Manipulated. Fair use.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday the 13th 55

Welcome to the Friday the 13th edition of the Friday 55, where 55 words of prose or poetry, no more--no less, will takes us on our individual journeys, each one as unique as the writer, and some no doubt, imbued with the spirit of the day and season, to some quite unhallowed spots. Or so I hope. All the rules remain the same: we do this in memory of the G-man, as a writing exercise for our own enjoyment, and for fun and friendship. There are no strings or commitments, and comment moderation is on to keep things real. As always, the prompt remains alive from Friday to Sunday.

So, in the Halloween spirit, let's begin...

The Mistake

We cursed the dark
but woke the cold plague wind,
cracked summer's crypted spell,
talked the pretty into hell.
 And the show begins.

Black cat's-paw on bleeding-stone;
two speakers in a field of bone
bite down a forgotten kiss.
Whispers from the too-full skull
tongue the pumpkin's cut-out hull,

but never the voice I miss.

~October 2017 

Image: Lies and Persuasion, and detail thereof,  ©Kris Kuksi, 2007 All rights reserved.
You can find more of Kris Kuksi's amazing work and his bio here at his website.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Friday 55 October 6 2017

Greetings, fellow travelers. It's once again Friday, the threshold of a weekend and of our jaunt down Route 55. This is a writing challenge, asking you to put your thoughts into 55 words of prose or poetry, no more, no less, but it is also a gathering of spirits. Spirits battered or unbowed, spirits flying rudderless--some of us in a sad case when it comes to our muse. Therefor I want to emphasize that this is a place where there are no rules except that you use the form, no endless Mr Linky or obligatory chit-chat, no mandatory one-phrase comments dragged from reluctant keyboards, and most of all, no faking it. We are here to enjoy each other and feel comfortable with working with words together, whether it's every week or once a year.

This link I found through Rommy Driks talks about the difficulty of being creative in the crazyhouse of Trump's America--some of you may relate. That said, with the hat tipped to a better human than I will ever be (you can read about Galen here,) I hope for us all to have a kickass weekend, despite the times and the dismal real-world provocations otherwise.

So, let's begin. 
(Oh, and it *is* the month of All Hallows, by the way...)

The Arrival

The eyes of the hag
stare from the night,
broken windows
in a house with no kitchen.

October has come
to harvest the bright
to coo to the dead
to slip the razor
inside the fruit.

The red way shines
in the bitter light.
There's nowhere to hide,
no road that runs out
of Murdertown.

~October 2017

Image via internet; author unknown. Fair use.

Personal Note--My blog-hopping days of "love yours--here's mine" are over and items posted in this spirit may not be answered. There are literally dozens of sites for that--you don't need this one.  Also, each prompt begins on Friday and expires Sunday evening. Older prompts are not monitored.