Friday, December 22, 2017

Friday 55 Comprehensive Holiday Edition

It's that season, dear readers, when everybody is rushing and pressed for time, so I am offering poetic dispensation to any and all of you who may not have the leisure or the inspiration to construct a 55 for the next few weeks. As always there are no rules other than the word count, so please feel free to participate or not as you see fit, and please bear with me as well, as I may not always be available or online myself.

That said, this single post will remain active for Friday December 22nd 2017, Friday December 29th, and Friday January 5th 2018 with comment moderation off so everyone can come by when they can--be patient however, since as I said above, I will not always be around, especially the week following  New Year's Day.

That said, a very happy Yule season to all, and a deep thanks to all of you who make this Friday journey so memorable. Have a kickass holiday, and let's all hope for at least a saner New Year.

I have written two 55's for this combined edition...


"...I have let time pass, which..helps more than reasoning.”
~Queen Elizabeth I


I wake in the night
thinking of ruins;
not the makers
but their leavings: fort,
church, graveyard,
house, each
with no tomorrow of its own, yet
a casket full
of glass for magpies,
scroungers' stones,
writers' plots,
lovers' verses, shadow beds
for weary ghosts

and so must be content
to watch the walls fall down.


These rainy ruins
where ravens ride wrinkled sky
where nightfall black-backs silver-mirror moons
however weak you are,
you can stroll forever, 
muscular past for a walking-stick,
hear a hundred private jokes
the ghosts still tell/will tell
to you or the next one

for nothing's
as constant as a ghost
or more hopeful
than a ruin.

~December 2017

Optional Folky Musical Accompaniment

Images: Carpathian castle ruins, author unknown, via internet. Fair use.
Hope From The Ruins, ©Joshua Smith,  All Rights Reserved. Fair use.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Friday 55 December 15 2017

Another Friday swings us around to the writing table where 55 words make up a meal. This time of year I always find complicated; the social pressures, the meretricious and constant blare of exploitative advertisement, and various reefs and shoals of real life often combine to annul the festive, let alone that anticipatory sense of joy the holidays once may have brought to us as children. Nevertheless, it is a rich time, and I hope we can bring some of its fruits to our Friday cornucopia.

The rules remain the same--no rules, except to write 55 words of prose or poetry, no more, no less, and link in the comments below between Friday and Sunday. Many thanks to Galen Hayes for making this meme the pleasure it is, and a holiday toast to absent friends, in his honor.

The spirits here are not in a particularly seasonal mood...

 The Crow Shaman

The crow-shaman
knows the bones,
knows the fighting dance
where flesh is sweetest;

how to open secret doors
to rich warm ruby
meals beneath tough skin;

how something small, something shiny
can be stolen and made magic
even without hands.

Each death, each face,
each twilight rise
beneath his night-wide wings
he owns forever.

~December 2017

 Factoid: Crows remember and recognize individual human faces.

 Image via internet, author unknown.  Fair use.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Friday 55 December 8 2017

Welcome, fellow travelers. Another Friday finds us collected here to assemble our jigsaw thoughts into our own 55 word puzzles, and to remember Galen Hayes, the originator of this meme. There are no rules, strings or obligations, except that you write a piece of prose or poetry in 55 words--no more, nor less-- and post a link in the comments below between Friday morning and Sunday afternoon. Comment moderation is off now as I am so often out of pocket these days, but I still wield the ban-hammer and will delete any trollish appearances.

So, this week, winter came...

First Day Of Winter

I woke to a turquoise sky
with nothing in her pockets; no sun,
no moon, no scrap
of smoke or cloud. 

Day was missing,
night had wandered off.

My mind was all she had, sister
twinned to her blank eternity,
summer's embers 
ashed to blue clinker

without a tear to soften us
until the rain.

~December 2017


Image: Roman Nose Park, Turquoise Sky, 11-29-2014, ©joyannjones  Manipulated.