Saturday, February 23, 2019

Nostalgia of Old Things

Nostalgia of Old Things

Old things like a pattern; blue
willow on china's bone, Celtic knot,
on moss-faced stone,
cross in the weave,
thunderbird in the beads.

Old things want
to fit a picture,
outrun the mirror, last forever
in an eye's reflection, the
part that made it real.

Old things work
to make a picture, liver-spot
hands around the needle,
brush, pen, bead, hook,
the cursive book
of counted dreams.

Old things like a pattern
dog in his bed,
crow on the fence rail,
solsticing sun and feckless moon

not the bed empty,
night rioting,
tea set shattered, not
the bloodsign on the door
where chaos has knocked
as the end.

~February 2019

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