Thursday, April 30, 2020

Poem For The Last Day In April

Poem For The Last Day In April

April grates her last
most bitter notes
from quickened buds
flashfrozen in their green.
Mute prisoners doze
gone blind in empty rooms
while gilded trains
freight ghosts to plastic ruins.
The mad things 
dance together nights and noons,

cannibals mouthing drool
as stolen jewels.

For they've caught the hunger here
and now's the time
when hearts are meat,
when mothers' blood is wine,
when gold is god
when little deaths are fine,
when human good is bad
and bad divine.
The gentle break
as hate and fear align;

so here we are--
devoured under April's fallen star.

~April 2020

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Process note: My state lifts most coronavirus restrictions tomorrow, regardless of the fact that we have not had a drop in cases for 14 days as per CDC guidelines, and little testing and no contact tracing is being done, all so the serfs can go back to work for their corporate overlords. Insert Poe quote from Mask of the Red Death here.

Images: April Freeze, ©joyannjones 2019
The Plague Hospital, 1900 by Francisco Goya    Public Domain

Friday, April 24, 2020

Flash Friday Fiction 55 Special April Edition #4

It's time to reprise the 55 for the final Friday in April. This time, perhaps because of the current situation globally, I have really been thinking about Galen and his platform and how lighthearted it all was, and yet how it managed to bring many different kinds of people together in all the best ways, and inspire some truly funny and/or amazing poetry and flash fiction, along with all that camaraderie and kickassery on the way. 

So I ask all who were around at the time to remember him today as we play with Galen's meme.

The rules are the same, 55 words of prose or poetry no more no less, and link the url of your effort in the comment section.

The prompt will be live from
Friday at 12:00 AM to Sunday at 4:00 PM

Below you will find a link to a 55 of mine from 2013, including comments, to bring on some nostalgia for the G-Man and illustrate, perhaps, that time. I encourage all who have one
 to share an old 55 with comments as well if they wish. We do need to remember the good times in the midst of the bad.

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My 55 from the Wayback Machine:


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Saturday, April 18, 2020

Giant's Blood

Giant's Blood

"In my medicine cabinet
the winter fly
Has died of old age" ~Jack Kerouac

the tired giant sat
looking at America;
no light but Edison's stars,
no song but subways' caterwaul
in the emptiness of time
that made him small.

he decided America
was constipated. He invented
a purgative of darkness and fireworks, 
administered every night, 
and in his ennui
took most of it himself.

he rolled, up and down
the endless ribbon that was
 two thirds the mark of the beast,
til the road ran him down
and went on, its
 pockets full.

he covered the
spliced paper continuum
til  the page flapped out. He saw
the medicine he'd swallowed
was his own black blood,
while America 

was just exactly
what it seemed.

April 2020


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Process Notes: Kerouac's great novel On The Road was written in one continuous burst. "Before beginning, Kerouac cut sheets of tracing paper into long strips, wide enough for a typewriter, and taped them together into a 120-foot-long roll which he then fed into the machine. This allowed him to type continuously without the interruption of reloading pages. The resulting manuscript contained no chapter or paragraph breaks...
..On the morning of October 20, 1969, in St. Petersburg, Florida, Kerouac was working on a book about his father's print shop. He suddenly felt nauseated and ..began to vomit blood. Kerouac was taken to St. Anthony's Hospital, suffering from an esophageal hemorrhage...He..died at the hospital at 5:15 the following morning, at the age of 47. His cause of death was listed as an internal hemorrhage..caused by cirrhosis, the result of longtime alcohol abuse." ~ wikipedia

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Friday, April 17, 2020

Flash Fiction 55 Special April Edition #3

"Another Friday, another 55 words to chronicle the long march, the wild hunt, the dance of the living and dead. We come to remember a man who had more to give than take from the world of blogging, Galen Hayes, and to explore the meme he brought us as the world turns around us in its ceaseless change.
There are no rules, except to write 55 words of prose or poetry--no more, no less, and link them in the comments below between Friday and Sunday morning for myself and others to read."
I wrote this intro over two years ago but it seems even more apt today, plus I wanted to include Galen, as I always remember him on these days.

Same rules, as above. The prompt will be live from Friday midnight to Sunday at 4:00 PM 

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Here is my 55:

 Caviar At Two In The Morning

The moon
fogs the spectacles of night,
fuzzes the stampeding stars;
kinder than morning's hot tongue, who
flicks them inside her like shad-roe.

wets fever's stiff face,
mines gold from the cold-plated light
gone dead in the eyes of old players

drowned in the wellspring of midnight
who sleep but can only dream nightmares.

April 2020

Images: Moonrise, Beaumarais  © Clarice Becket   Fair Use
Author and title unknown via internet tagged Coven of Ceridwen   Fair Use


Thursday, April 16, 2020

The Great Grey

The Great Grey

I galloped my mare
on the ceiling all night;
summer stirred in her sleep,
stretched and raised warm wide arms
of red roses. Eyes unopened she died
when the wind turned corpse-cold.

I took down the remains
 with food and blankets to the child
 in his cell. I fought when the keepers
ate it all while he cried, mouths full of
carrot, April and wool. My key cracked
 in the lock. They beat me with laughter.

I watched two moons scrubbed out
by steelwool clouds, scratching paled
 porcelain sky as they streamed by,
chained in a train of tarnished
silver cars rattling out their freight
of snow-melt on my face.

No jumping that train, no escape
on the rails, no escape on
my mare, no summer, no saving,
only this waving grey
where colors are graving.

April 2020

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Images: Horsewoman On A Red Horse, © Marc Chagall   Fair Use
November First © Andrew Wyeth   Fair Use