Friday, April 3, 2020

Flash Fiction 55 Special April Edition #1

Welcome all 
to a special poetry month edition of the 55. To give a platform to those writing a poem a day in April, or to anyone who wants to engage in the form, I will be hosting this meme of G-Man's every Friday in April, and I am sure he would approve. So have at it, and share with us a poem, piece of prose-poetry or flash fiction on any subject, so long as it consists of 55 words, no more no less.

The prompt will be live from midnight Friday April 3 to 4 pm Sunday April 5th.

No Mr. Linky here, so just copy and paste the url of your 55 in the comments below, and I will be by to see what you have for us.

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Here is my own 55:


For today,
only one chapter
two slices bread
three acid tears
four-times-washed hands
to wipe them.

For tonight,
one half-moon
foggy with spring
two hours sleep
three cups chamomile tea
four owl-calls
playing the night music.

For that day
only one page
two ravens
three stubbed candles
four men in masks
to carry infinity.

April 2020

Images: Photo: via internet author unknown Fair Use

Photo: © Sergio Agazzi/Fotogramma via Reuters manipulated Fair Use
[Italian military trucks and soldiers by Bergamo's cemetery after the army was deployed to move coffins from the cemetery to neighbouring provinces.]


  1. This sickness is pretty consuming Joy and to be honest you have expressed your feeling about it with much more than I could muster. Fools are never touched until they are touched with body bags.

    Be well my friend and kick some ass in isolation!

  2. Certainly the signs are there at the grocery stores -- "Limit 2 Per Customer!" - which in America is a faint brake for consumer greed and hoarding mania. But the ghost of the greater rationing to come is already whispering in our night, in places like this. How low do we go and for how long? When will "Imagine" become "Brother, Can You Spare A Dime"? The iteration here dips in jars progressively sparer, coming up with what few beans may be left after all this is over. Terrifying and terrific, Hedge. - Brendan

    In a somewhat similarly cut carotid:

  3. Oh I love this, especially the middle stanza and the photo at top that you chose to go with it. Half moon foggy with spring...stoppppppit, so good!

    Thanks for doing this to help us marathoners along, dearie. Mine is here:

  4. Love the counting. One poem, two advil, three coffees for me so far! Thanks for the extra 55s this month.

  5. Oh, I nearly forgot - hope you have the most kick-ass of weekends!

    1. You too Mary. If you come up with anything, I'll be, as they say, here all weekend. ;)

    2. I think you may have forgotten to link this, Mary, or else my blog is eating *your* comments now. Here is Mary's 55:

  6. You have captured a feeling so many of us are holding in and facing, and said it so perfectly! I love the counting, the mix of beauty and tears. Absolutely amazing poetry Joy!
    Here is mine:

  7. Oh WOW! I love the counting, and the things counted. A WONDERFUL read.

  8. almost sing-song - a rhythm and melody to your pen.

    Me, already behind for the month, but the 55 prompt is a good reminder.

  9. Counting days seems to be a way of exercising some form of control, everything seems reduced to numerals these days, even lives.

  10. thanks for hosting Joy -

    here's my 55 for this week -

    and now, on to your amazing 55 -

    I keep coming back to it, checking my jaw at the door, just for the absolute depth and breadth of it .... the counting effect, like ticking boxes, speaks of other types of list poems, and certainly conjures 13 ways of looking at .... and what has ensnared me is how this is both personal and highly intimate, and yet universal - as it recalls rationing, war measures and times, and yet speaks about the present, so far removed from the past, or so it would seem ... as desperate as we are to wish for it to be true/untrue. This 55 calls us to bear witness to watch, to know and admit to what is absolutely necessary during such sweeping crises - like bread and salt (tears) .... yeah, this is just one knock it out of the park 55, cuts right to the bone.

    I hope you and yours are safe and well. Have a kick ass weekend.


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats

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