Thursday, April 30, 2020

Poem For The Last Day In April

Poem For The Last Day In April

April grates her last
most bitter notes
from quickened buds
flashfrozen in their green.
Mute prisoners doze
gone blind in empty rooms
while gilded trains
freight ghosts to plastic ruins.
The mad things 
dance together nights and noons,

cannibals mouthing drool
as stolen jewels.

For they've caught the hunger here
and now's the time
when hearts are meat,
when mothers' blood is wine,
when gold is god
when little deaths are fine,
when human good is bad
and bad divine.
The gentle break
as hate and fear align;

so here we are--
devoured under April's fallen star.

~April 2020

posted for Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads
and Kerry's Skylover Word List for April, 

Process note: My state lifts most coronavirus restrictions tomorrow, regardless of the fact that we have not had a drop in cases for 14 days as per CDC guidelines, and little testing and no contact tracing is being done, all so the serfs can go back to work for their corporate overlords. Insert Poe quote from Mask of the Red Death here.

Images: April Freeze, ©joyannjones 2019
The Plague Hospital, 1900 by Francisco Goya    Public Domain


  1. That sounds like the last word indeed!

  2. Wow, this is scathing and terrifying and while it is as abrasive as sandpaper, it is also as soft and matter of fact as the odor of almond's from a corpse's lips. The world has gone upside down and we find ourselves caught in a snow globe of floating bones and nonsense proclamations. May just has to be better, n'est ce pas?

  3. What an amazing write- your words are profound.

  4. when little deaths are fine,
    when human good is bad
    and bad divine..

    What an incredible month it has been! I have so enjoyed your poems, and must thank you ,ost sincerely for visiting and reading mine. Your encouragement has been one of the things that kept me going when I thought I had reached the end before the end.

  5. Watched a nature documentary the other day narrated by Attenborough. Human population has doubled in 50 years. We are the engine of our own demise, it appears. We drooling cannibals...

  6. I feel every bit as discouraged and defeated as you, kiddo. I worry about all of my friends in the USA, we have been SO CAREFULLY managing this virus and are a long ways yet from even the earliest loosening up of restrictions - otherwise we just go back to square one. The screeching gunslingers on legislature steps down there are mind-boggling. Stay as safe as you can. It may mean staying indoors for quite a while. Sigh.

  7. Everything wrong with modernity has come out this past month and the rush to forbid it. (All except the digital cogs, which are the worst.) As lysis for a month of plague songs, it is both zipper and fang, for what is bad in this middle dooms what is bad in our eventual end. How else could it be, "when human good is bad / and bad divine"? Don't bogart that cannibal drool. - Brendan

    1. Thanks, B. I'm happy to pass the drool on without a hit. Not much is coming to my pen these days, just mordant little rhymes.

  8. Oh this is a perfect synopsis of the inhumane in our human existence. April has proved how evilly shallow many people are, but there have been bright glimpses of hope we can rise kinder from our ashes.

  9. This is incredibly penned!💘 Woww!

  10. It is a crazy time and in it seems we see both the good rise with integrity and the bad rise with filthy greed. This poem is powerful and yet fragile as is the human spirit. These lines will linger with me long into May.


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats

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