Friday, July 31, 2020

Friday Flash 55 For July 2020

Welcome once again to the 55, all. It has been an eventful month, and also a month mired in chaos and distemper. This weekend we get together to add our words to the ongoing pile of all our laments and celebrations, in the form of 55 words, no more, no less. We also do it to remember Galen Hayes, the originator of this meme, as we continue to miss his ever-humorous and supportive presence, as we do all the kickass weekends that seem so long ago. 

The rules are unchanged--set down your thoughts in a poem, piece of flash fiction or prose poetry on any subject, in exactly 55 words. 
Post the url of the result in the comments below and I will be by to read the result.For those to whom words are coming with difficulty, your absence is forgiven from the heart.

The 55 begins at  Thursday midnight and will last til Sunday at 4:00 PM CST.


Here is my own effort

July in America

The tune that plays tonight
I cannot carry.
cracks while sirens
 robot-howl it
clearer, louder:
the ape-rebooted's song
of darkness

July's made 
of screams 
and broken light, of
cloudy poison rising, eyes
shucked oysters
poached in acid tides.
Stars fall dim,
with bleeding innocence;

 this copper-salt rain 
will never wash 
us clean.

July 2020

Images: Tear Gas in Portland, Oregon  Getty Images  Fair Use
Untitled , © Zdzisław Beksiński   Fair Use


Saturday, July 18, 2020



At earthbreak
thru a cat's eye
the float is remote
the stun is the numb,
not even the cold
or the bitter
Instrument readings
yield no signs of life
just a stutter off the chart
no one kept,
needles palsied,
cables cut.

At starbreak
through a cat's eye
the human unformed
sloshes the suit,
joins its oblivion to
the music of the
spears, dancing
endless nocturne
free never to reappear
in gravity's 
clinging chain.
Was that a bluebird
blurred in a flash of sun

dropping like time
on tomorrow's butterfly,

or only a mote,
flickering at earthbreak
in a gold cut-glass cat's eye?

July 2020

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Images: Top, author and title unknown, via Sunday Muse  Fair Use
Bluebird, by John Jacob Audobon  (manipulated)  Public Domain