Saturday, November 14, 2020

End Times Redux



End Times Redux
There's always been
only one end
to a skull run against
a wall of stone,
always a single truth against
 an outnumbering of fools,
always ears stopped to
the pulse-drum beating fear,
the microphone vomiting
all the glory lies. Reason's light
is not blown out no matter
how many choose to sit in darkness.

It's always been coming again,
this over-heat in the system;
where the sovereign goes mad
bashing skulls
in Punch and Judy shows,
stuffed with his own sawdust failures.
Our love is the ink with which
over and over
we scrawl these wartime sagas,
the spilled blood 
from which the Resistance
 always rises.

November 2020
Allegedly the last picture of Adolf Hitler before he committed suicide on . Hitler (right) and his adjutant Julius Schaub looking at the ruins of the Reich chancellery, April 28, 1945.

posted for the inimitable Fireblossom
Images: top, author unknown, via internet, Fair Use
Bottom: image 1:Ditto;Allegedly the last picture of Adolf Hitler before he committed suicide. Hitler (right) and his adjutant Julius Schaub looking at the ruins of the Reich chancellery, April 28, 1945.
Image 2: Trump returning to White House after election projected for Biden. ©AP Fair Use


  1. I also compared Trump to Hitler. It was mostly met with surprise, but the correlation was clear.

  2. Truth is a stubborn thing, as Valery Legasov has observed. it is still there, under all the gaslighting, flag waving and cosplay bullshit. Thank Goddess.

    Thank so much for being part of Muse this week my esteemed BFF. It couldn't feel right if you weren't there.

  3. "Stuffed with his own sawdust failures" Oh this is brilliant and spot on...every line! It is always a delight to have you join us Joy! Your poetry is glorious and always an inspiration to me!

  4. I want to quote so much of this: The skull run, the Punch and Judy shows, "Our love is the ink"... You pick us up off the ground after our headlong crash. Your words come into focus like a cornerman trying to get us back to standing for the next round. Grateful for that.

  5. This is a marvelous rendition--limning the invisible hand in the image hitting a toy against a wall, claiming it will batter it down. I also misread your last line as Renaissance at first...hoping for both strong resistance and a renaissance to follow after.

  6. The Vietnam War Memorial .. the first thoughts/inspiration coming to my mind when I saw the image. Your poetry brought it all home, it overwhelms ~ I want to share this text from my former husband a Vietnam War Vet whom I acknowledged last week ... 'well it is Veterans Day for both of us. You after all were every bit a part of my veterans experience.'

  7. Powerful words of reality to counter the incredible shitshow that is being perpetrated on the American people. I love "Reason's light is not blown out no matter how many choose to sit in darkness." It is amazing to me how many believe disinformation. Thank heaven for poets and "Our love is the ink"...........

  8. Love this powerful piece of truth. The rumbling of resistance is getting louder. "the microphone vomiting all the glory lies" Wow! Perfect expression of the days of our lives.

  9. I'll focus on our love: the ink, which, perhaps, may again flow ~

    1. So we hope. I feel like my words are having great trouble getting through the static and white noise around me--but staying silent is equally difficult and unwelcome. Let's hope the channels will again run free when this horrible year is finally over.

  10. blowhards must blow hard, that's what they do. so great that you are still writing, i havent read or written anything in so long. but ive been feeling the bug, and even have jotted down a few notes... thinking i might build me another jalopy (i mean really really feeling the bug, thats why i went looking for your poems again!) have agreat thanksgiving Joy, bu save and be blessed

    1. Really good to hear from you Phillip. I have missed your writing. Please leave a link if you do return to the fold. I'm not really firing on all 8 where poetry is concerned, but I still try to keep my hand in when I can. I hope the bug you're feeling gets under your skin enough to get the ball rolling for you.Thanks so much for reading.


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats

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