Friday, December 25, 2020

Friday 55 Holiday Edition 2020



 Welcome all, to the final Flash Fiction prompt of 2020, a Holiday Edition of the Friday 55. This year has been a slog, and it's not over yet, but the time has come to acknowledge it will not last forever, and in fact is in its last throes of weirdness and upheaval as we speak. Whether your mood is celebratory, contemplative or still an utter roil of feelings, you're invited to write it all out here, in 55 words, no more no less, on any subject that strikes your fancy.
I will leave the page open for contributions til December 31st at midnight since this is a busy time for all, even in isolation. 
Post the link to your 55 in the comments below, and I will be by to mark the passing of this Hell Year with you.

Brighter Days Ahead.
~ *~
My 55, such as it is:


 Supplication To The Old Year

Jack Frost, Jack Frost
crack the wind
for what we've lost.
Kiss the tree,
break the wood.
Show us all that's gone for good.
Toss the cow over
the mad moon's head.
Put stars on her horns
in the land of the dead.
Numb my hand, burn my ear;
then keep your promise and disappear.
December 2020















Images: Vintage Victorian Christmas Card, circa 1890  Fair Use
Illustration for The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayam, © Edmond Dulac  Fair Use
Cow and Moon, © Alex Colville    via intyernet   Fair Use




  1. Merry Christmas! A poem for all ~~ toddler thru senior seniors. A charmer in every possible way. Cheers!

  2. A wonderful good riddance song this is! I love it Joy! Hoping for a new year of less craziness and more health and happiness. Thank you for giving us reasons to write every month my friend! The 55 is awesome and one of the things I am grateful for in 2020!
    Here is mine:

  3. This feels like a dangerous and necessary invocation--it's curled up in my head. Mine could use some of that fire:


  5. Oh yes, Merry Christmas everyone!

  6. Joy - "Put stars on her horns / in the land of the dead." is way, way great. And I love the last two lines -- elves or ghosts of Christmas past, or Santa back up chimney after lighting on fire the coal he left us in 2020.



  8. yah, let's kick the ass of this year right outta here.

    also, thanks for hosting this each month, Joy

    here's mine:

  9. Sorry folks. I didn't expect such a huge and wonderful turnout on Christmas Day. I will be by to read as soon as I can--later tonight, for sure, and thanks for making the Yuletide bright!

  10. That's the perfect Hedgewitchian send-off for 2020, i think. I adore the birds with their match stick torches. I will try to get a 55 down. Thanks for hosting this--Galen would be pleased,

  11. ps--am typing with wild animal trying to prevent it lol

    1. As long as it isn't a bunch of crazed whackoons. ;) No rush, and have a wonderful Christmas night, dear Shay.

  12. A fantastic 55, my friend. Have a safe and enjoyable end-of-the-year slow-down. I am looking forward to 2020 being over.

  13. well said, ready to be done with this year. i work overtime through most of it, but also, i had to wait 9 months to finally have hernia repair surgery and have my gallbladder removed. that was 2 weeks ago and i'm recovering very well. i'm SO ready to finally hit fourth gear and move at my normal speed. loved all your new poems this last month.

    1. Thank you phillip.I've been the gall bladder route,and it's tedious. Hernia is no fun either. Wishing you recovery and all good things. This next year really needs to be better.

  14. Can't believe inauguration day is here. You've kept the embers glowing, Joy, these past 4 years, despite all the tribulations. Thanks for stopping by so often and sharing; it was one of the bright spots amid the torpor.


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats