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This blog no longer carries the Creative Commons 3.0 license, though material used prior to this change is still subject to its rules. At this time no further use of this work, commercial or non-commercial,  is allowed without the author's written permission.

Photographs and illustrations used here not subject to copyright of the author will be given attribution, at the bottom of posts and/or embedded, and linked to the original source whenever possible. 

My own photos appearing here are protected under the same copyright terms stated above.

Revisions, March 2015

I just want to state clearly that I am always grateful to those who read, with or without comment, and that I am glad for your presence here.

HOWEVER, there is no obligation on my part or yours to auto-return any comment.

There is also no obligation on my part to discuss my poems in detail simply because they are posted publicly. As stated in my original comment policy below, extended discussion is reserved for off the blog, through my email at profile link, both as a courtesy to other readers and for the author's intellectual privacy. In order to ensure this boundary between pen and audience be respected, comment moderation will be enabled as the author sees fit.

The vast majority of comments left here are both welcome and appreciated, and hopefully this new policy will not be a disruption to those who give me their constant and meaningful feedback.

I sincerely do thank everyone who reads my work, regardless of whether you comment or not.

Original Comment Policy November 2010

Hedgewitch is not your student.

While Hedgewitch tries not to be too touchy about comments that delve into the nuts and bolts of her writing, she respectfully reminds the reader that these poems are not her term paper submitted for anyone to grade. She tries to be open to constructive suggestions, but wishes to stress her object in maintaining this blog is to record her writing, not open it for general critique. If you feel the need to lengthily project your own ideas over the context of the poem, point out her egregious writing flaws, or dissect each line for syntactic, metric or prosodic anomalies and inform her of the results, please find another blog to read. 

Legitimate and sincere questions can be posed by e-mail, available on profile link, and will be answered if possible. If your e-mails or comments are consistently ignored, the obvious answer is that they are unwelcome, and you are wasting your powder.

Thank you for your cooperation and for reading all these words.