Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Flash 55 ~ Rich


I dreamed
I received $5000.00
From an unknown source.

I didn’t know what to do with it.

Then I dreamed of you
We lived in a house of purple branches.
We made love and talked all night

Then I knew what to do with 
the five thousand dollars,
just not how
to buy the ticket.

February 2011

Posted for Friday Flash 55  at the G-Man's

Image: Tree House,  (c) B. Jerome all rights reserved, @ FantasyArt Design


  1. In search of a Dream?
    Joy Ann, you are a brilliant writer in modern times as well as Medievil.
    Loved your 55...
    Thank you for adding so much class to our Friday Funfest, You Rock A Tri-State Area (And Puerto Rico).
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  2. I'd try that Travelocity gnome. He seems like he might know about this stuff.

    Loved your 55, dearie-o. Our dreaming minds know these places, but they're hard to find in the daylight.

  3. You guys are fast and up early! I took a short break to watch my morning political cable news show--yep, the world is still going to hell in a handbasket---but now I'm back.

    Thanks for the kind words--and a big Bingo marker to G-man. My grandma loved that other game--you know, the one with all the dice...

    @FB hey I checked expedia--nothing! The gnome may indeed have a better clue.

  4. "a house of purple branches..." that line alone (even without that fabulous artwork) is just evokes such amazing images.

    Loved this 55, Hedgewitch.

  5. i would move into the house on the pic without thinking twice and i love your purple rock hedgy..

  6. That's my Dream Home up there! Loved this piece - and especially the knowing what to do with the money but not how to buy the ticket. I specialize in not buying the ticket and wondering why I never win:)Loved this poem, Joy!It is perfect!

  7. I love this dream. Now we must find you a ticket.
    Lovely 55. The picture is inspiring too.

  8. When love is involved, we always find a way. Great 55.

  9. very very nice...Love can flow so easily in words

    Peace, hp

    thanks for stopping by

  10. i am pretty sure if you find the person...and you really want will either find the ticket or find a way...but then its just a dream, right? smiles.

  11. ah! If dreams were horses...

    Great imagining here!

  12. Greetings, Happy Firday! Blessings…

    Friendship Awards, Enjoy!
    Thanks for the support, You Rock!


'Poetry is an echo asking a shadow to dance' ~Carl Sandburg