Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Flash Friday 55 Reminder

Just a few words to remind everyone that the last Friday of this pre-apocalyptic month is almost upon us, and that while many things may be closed, unavailable or dangerous to do right now, poetry remains safely accessible, and the 55 will stay open as long as I can maintain it.

Sadly, some kink in the works of word press blogs is sending my comments to the spam folder. This Friday if that is still the case, I will leave a comment both on said blogs and here as well when you link your 55. 


Here's the first 55 I ever wrote, a decade ago, to get everyone in the mood. 

Dental Work

Closing my eyes
In the summer night
Clouds of gnats swirl up
Against the black.

I have no tattoos
Just some gold
To mark a place
And put a smile
Where something crumbled.

I live in hope
That when we tire
Of feeling sorry for ourselves
We’ll finally begin
To pity each other.

November 2010


  1. When we quit feeling sorry for ourselves...man it will be a long ass time before we muster pity.

    I will try to remember Friday Joy!

  2. It 'tis weirdness. Your comment went into my Wordpress spam folder, too. It may be browser related too. I think I've fixed on my platform(s) but we'll see. Lots of devil dust blowing in the wind these days. - Brendan

  3. "Dental Work" reads perfectly today, that work glottal and dental and mental all at once. A lot to chew on in this first 55, but rare the poet who finds the size a challenge to fill up. Parallels between first and second stanza set up the wonder of the third, that silver (gold?) linings aren't granted but given. So much obsessive self-focus in this globally afflicting pandemic; the nit of "the cure shouldn't be worse than the disease" is that we as a collective refuse to sacrifice our self-pity for common welfare. Sigh. Thanks Hedge, looking forward to the Prhiday Phifty Phive Phray. - Brendan

  4. Thanks, B. I've always found the structures of the 55 helpful for condensing things down, for clarifying what is important in one of my spews of words,bringing focus. Glad to hear that you found some of my comments hiding; so frustrating to see them disappear under my fingers, as it were. Browserwise, it could be related to recent updates on Firefox I suppose, but as we both know after all these years of trading responses, blogger and WordPress often seem to get crosswise with one another;they may not need a reason. ;) See you tomorrow my friend.

  5. Sometimes the hurt and burdens we bear feel lighter when we put our focus on another person's cares. I love this one Joy. I am excited about participating in the 55 this time, I have been meaning to for a while, but get busy at work and lose track of things. I am working from home now, so maybe I will get my act together this time. See you tomorrow. :-)

    1. Looking very much forward to it, Carrie. Hopefully this extra time at home we are given can be a gift and not a burden, even with all the worry and stress.

  6. There is no excusing him, yet so many will. Your Friday place is a great place to vent...

    Thanks for hosting, Joy. Here's my contribution:


  7. echoing the sentiment in the last verse ~


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats